Nathan: Happiness for Beginners character explained

In Happiness for Beginners, Nathan, also known as Nate, is Helen’s brother, whom Helen lost when she was six years old.

Before going on the hiking trip that Helen believes will change her life, Helen meets her brother, Duncan, her grandmother, Gigi, and misses Nathan while looking at an old family picture.

During the hiking trip, when Hugh gets severely injured, Beckett asks Helen, Jake, and Windy to remember their person—someone who believes in them and they will turn to if things get hard. Helen tells Jake that she will remember Nathan.

What had happened to Nathan?

Helen and Nathan were really close. They did everything together. Nathan had just turned five, and Helen was six. When they were spending time at their parents’ friends’ lakehouse, Nathan desperately wanted to see the boats, as he loved them.

Nathan: Happiness for Beginners character explained 1
Helen tells Jake about Nathan

Nathan begged Helen to come with him to the marina. However, Helen chose to stay at the house and watch a movie with the other kids. Nathan went to the lake all by himself, and nobody noticed.

Nathan was found later that night. To this day, Helen remembers Nathan and questions herself about why she didn’t go out with him or ask her parents to take him to the lake. Helen agrees that she was just six, but, according to her, it doesn’t change anything.

The aftermath of Nathan’s death

Duncan used to get sick a lot. After Nathan’s death, Helen’s mother just unraveled. That’s when Helen and Duncan’s parents got divorced, and their father left them.

Helen’s mother dropped Helen and Duncan off at their grandmother’s one day and never came back. Helen’s mother texts her, asking how she is doing. Though Helen replies that she is doing great, she doesn’t really think she is fine.

Helen is also mad at Duncan because she believes she carries the weight of all this and Duncan doesn’t. However, after finishing her hiking trip and returning home, Helen indulges in a heart-to-heart conversation with Duncan.

Helen admits that she hasn’t been fair to him. Even he was dropped off by their parents. She later admits that he is always the person she can depend on.

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