Naga summary and ending explained

Naga follows a young woman tripping her way out of a chase of a lifetime, as she tries to escape vengeful camel, police, and ruffians after a secret party is busted. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sarah goes on a date with her boyfriend Saad, telling her beyond-strict father that she’ll be shopping till late with her friend Hadeel. She is allowed by her father till 10 pm and she must be there for him to pick her up right then.

Saad takes her to a remote camp for a party. Before that, they stop at a location do drugs, and soon eat ice cream as the ice cream truck owner is harassed by ruffians on quad bikes.

They are lost in the desert and start fighting, which leads to Saad crashing into a young camel. The camel’s mother bellows from inside the fence.

The drugs are doing their work and they finally reach the party, where Saad leaves Sarah alone to catch up with his friends. Sarah’s tripping on the drugs and her phone’s battery dies out.

The quest for charging it leads to a verbal spat with an old friend and then she snoops on a famous poet being a hack. Her previous quarrel with her known friends leads to one of said friends calling the police on the party.

The raid occurs and Sarah and Saad flee. Saad eventually gets arrested by the police while Sarah hides inside the trunk. When she gets out, the enraged mother camel awaits in the dark.

She soon approaches her and Sarah is brutally pummeled until she gets a chance to crawl under the car. She’s eventually able to escape the camel but her troubles continue.

She faces the ruffians again but soon flees to the highway where she hitches a ride on the ice cream truck from before. To mask all that happened to her, she pulls one final daring trick to fool her dad and get home to safety.

The ordeal changes things inside her and she finally embraces her chaotic, spiteful self, as Naga rolls the credits.

Naga ending explained in detail:

Does Sarah break up with Saad?

Yes, Sarah calls it quits with Saad after having been through a hell of a night filled with confrontations, accusations, accidents, escapades, near-death experiences, and a hallucinatory trip.

Saad acts very immaturely and irresponsibly throughout Naga. It’s his idea and then insistence on going to the middle of nowhere for a party where drugs are abundant and a high Sarah is all alone, thanks to him hanging out with his friends.

When the police raid the camp, the party is over, and so is Sarah when it comes to her relationship with Saad. One small redeeming act from Saad is that he doesn’t help Sarah not get arrested like him, even though it leads to another whole can of worms for her.

Does Sarah meet her father on time?

The time for the pickup is initially decided to be 9:59 pm and Sarah’s father won’t accept her being off by even a minute.

However, the day which goes on to be filled with a lot of chaos for Sarah also includes a big football match that the whole of Saudi is glued to their TV screens for.

The post-victory response would cause very slow traffic, which is what happens when the team does win the match. After escaping the desert, Sarah spots the ice cream truck that she and Saad bought ice cream from earlier in the day.

She hitches a ride and the driver wants her damaged self to be admitted into Riyadh Hospital, but she can’t afford that mistake now, or she won’t make it in time to the meeting spot, which has been extended to 11:30 pm.

She bolts and arrives at the meeting spot, and sees that Al Jaffri Sweets is up in flames. She also spots her father there and in a moment of ingenuity, she decides to pretend to have been a victim of the fire incident, rubbing some ash in secret to look the part.

Her father spots her and worried, takes her home. She’s given a princess treatment as she tries to pretend what she just went through has traumatized her, as Naga concludes the story.

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