My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 summary and ending explained

In season 2 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Terry is kidnapped by an alien and Tess and the kids have the search the galaxy for him. The season is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Terry now works at a shoe store and raises Lisa and Sean together with Tess. After their journey into space, Lisa and Sean cannot get over it and draw attention for different reasons at school.

Tess picks up the kids and heads to the mall to meet up with Terry so that they can go to Splashtown, but an alien bounty hunter shows up first and grabs Terry before flying away.

Tess rushes back home to figure out how to get Terry back and Lisa and Sean give her helpful leads but she tells them that they have to stay at home with their grandma.

Tess and KRS fly away in Glorlox’s ship while Lisa and Sean try to find a way to sneak out without Grandma noticing. She falls asleep and they go into the garage to look through Terry’s tools.

Sean finds a containment orb and when he presses a button, it releases Blobby, the bounty that Terry had picked up ages ago. Blobby is connected to the orb and cannot escape so he promises to help Lisa and Sean in exchange for his freedom.

Tess heads to Bucky Quanto’s to question Kryll but when she gets there, she finds a highly gentrified version of the restaurant that used to be there before.

She isn’t able to glean any information until Glorlox notices that she is wearing Terry’s helmet and pulls it off her. He recognizes her and they sit down to talk, but Tess is flagged because the original bounty for her is still open.

Blobby creates a spaceship finder from scratch and it points them to the Fixer’s ship that was left behind. Blobby flies them to Bucky Quanto’s right as things get heated and everyone escapes on Glorlox’s ship.

They assume that the Conglomerate has him so they head to the nearest detainment facility to search their database. A woman named Pam along with her AI-powered robot named Beta is showing some executives around the facility at the same time.

Sean follows the robot and sees Pam demonstrate a warp gate to the executives. Glorlox and Lisa learn that Terry isn’t at the facility and was picked up on a private contract by a bounty hunter named the Widowmaker.

They are forced to make a hot exit and Glorlox stays behind to help them escape and break out his old crew that were in the facility. He tells them to head to Ocanom Prime which is where they will find a lead to the Widowmaker.

Ocanom Prime has a casino where everyone gathers and Tess and Blobby go undercover to find the Widowmaker. Meanwhile, Sean and Lisa have to stay at the nearby daycare.

They find the bounty hunter and Blobby cleans him out in galactic poker with Lisa’s help. They use the winnings to bribe Terry’s location out of the Widowmaker. He tells them that he delivered him to the planet of Doloraam, which catches Tess by surprise.

She tells her children that she is the daughter of the emperor and empress of Doloraam. Meanwhile, Terry is brought before the emperor who wants to know where Tess is. He had hired Terry all those years ago to find her but he was told that she escaped.

Now he has proof that she must be alive and he wants Terry to reveal her locations. Also interested in her location is Duke B’Caala, who was promised Tess’s hand in marriage to form a political alliance with the Vunaari people of Doloraam.

Terry finds out about the Kaletite Crystals, a resource only found on Doloraam that has amazing capabilities, and the fact that the EHC is negotiating a deal with the Doloraamis to acquire it. Pam is heading this negotiation since she needs the crystals to power the warp gate.

Tess recruits her friend Adja to help her get Terry back, and Terry finally tells the Emperor the truth about who he is and where Tess is. Beta captures Lisa and Sean for the earlier break-in, and Blobby helps Tess find them.

Pam has been working with B’Caala to get the Kaletite but after realizing who Tess is, she takes her back as a bargaining chip. The Hendrix family is reunited and B’Caala is enraged, challenging for the throne.

Terry defeats him and the Empress declines Pam’s request for the crystals. Pam loses patience and decides to take things by force, calling in the entire EHC fleet with the help of the giant warp gate she assembled in Doloraam.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Pam’s plan?

Pam releases several robots and shock troopers onto the city and has her ships fire at them from above. The Doloraamis have an army to fight back but they are struggling to keep up.

Pam sends some of them to the Kaletite mines to get their hands on the ore, and everyone gets in on the battle. Glorlox arrives with his old crew to assist, and Lisa and Sean participate even though they were told not to.

Lisa joins Adja on the battlefield, while Sean and Blobby call KRS to bring their ship so that they can shut down the gate.

How do the Doloraamis get the upper hand?

Sean and Blobby get into the warp gate and begin shutting it down but as soon as Pam finds out what they are doing, she sends Beta in to take them out.

Sean almost talks Beta into letting them go but Pam manually overrides the bot before Blobby blows the bot’s head off. They shut off the gate and cut the incoming stream of reinforcements.

Sean tells Tess that they need to find Pam because she is controlling all of the robots. If they can stop her, they can shut down all of the robots once and for all.

Does Tess defeat Pam?

Tess isn’t able to find Pam until B’Caala contacts her and tells her the coordinates as a form of atonement. Tess finds Pam’s ship and pulls out her neural link, shutting down all of the robots.

The ship crashes down near an underground swamp and Tess finds Pam’s humanoid skin suit lying on the ground. Pam is actually a reptilian alien who had big plans for the crystals and still believes she can get what she wants.

Tess taps into her Doloraami powers to defeat Pam once and for all. She is found by her family soon after everything returns to normal. A month later, Tess’s parents visit her home on Earth with Glorlox, Blobby, and Adja in attendance as well.

They all have a wonderful time as lightyears away, a warp gate turns on and a giant ship appears to pass through.

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