Mr. Yeon: Vacation Friends 2 character explained

In Vacation Friends 2, Mr. Yeon is the most senior vice president of the Kim Wae Group and the lead on the Chicago project. Ronny Chieng plays Mr. Yeon.

Mr. Yeon arrives with Kim Wae Group’s advanced team before Mrs. Kim to meet Marcus and talk to him about the Chicago project. Since Mr. Yeon is the lead on this project, impressing him is just as important as impressing Mrs. Kim for Marcus.

Unfortunately, Yeon honestly tells Marcus right away on their first meeting that he is not his first choice for the Chicago project. They already have a candidate they have worked with before.

Yeon straightaway says that he doesn’t know why Mrs. Kim is making them meet Marcus and thinks it is insulting to them. After hearing that Marcus has had zero overages last year and meeting Ron, Yeon wonders if there is potential here, and Marcus sees some hope after all.

Yeon’s struggles

Yeon stands out as a confident leader at first, but even he has his own insecurities. Yeon becomes good friends with Marcus and Ron after a drinking game at a casino.

Mr. Yeon: Vacation Friends 2 character explained 1
Yeon expresses his feelings about Mrs. Kim

Yeon admits that he has started liking Marcus and believes he should get the job. However, it’s not up to him to give him this job. Mrs. Kim decides everything, and Yeon likes to think she doesn’t care one bit about his opinion.

Yeon is determined to tell Mrs. Kim that she is a mean person, but he doesn’t have the courage to do so whenever he is talking to her.

Yeon’s opinion matters

Towards the end of Vacation Friends 2, Marcus misses his meeting with Mrs. Kim as he is caught up dealing with the mess created by Reese. However, he catches Mrs. Kim seconds before she can board her helicopter.

In those few minutes, he attempts to convince Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim’s gut feeling says Marcus is not the right choice for this job, and her gut is never wrong.

For the very first time, Yeon stands up to Mrs. Kim and puts forth his opinion regarding Marcus. Yeon finds out that his opinion does matter to Mrs. Kim, as Marcus gets the contract for the hotel in Chicago.

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