Mr. Min-beom Hong & Gang-yong: Bloodhounds characters explained

In Bloodhounds, Mr. Min-beom Hong is the heir of the Iil Group, and Gang-yong is his cousin, who is also a cop. Choi Si-Won plays Mr. Hong, while Gang-yong is played by Choi Young-Joon.

Mr. Hong planned to take over the construction of a 40-story posh hotel in Gangnam. Mr. Hong needed more money and that’s when Myeong-gil stepped in. Myeong-gil himself has dreams of building a casino inside a hotel.

Seoul City said they would grant him a permit for a foreigner-only casino. However, Mr. Hong finds out that the story Myeong-gil told about how his boss saved Mr. Hong’s father from going bankrupt was not completely true.

Myeong-gil lied about being the one who handed his mother the money. He just wanted to use this story to convince Mr. Hong to take a loan from him.

Mr. Hong looks into Smile Capital and learns that Myeong-gil is probably running a scam here and is laying a trap for them. That’s when he brings Gang-yong, his cousin, into the picture.

Gang-yong is a senior investigator who graduated at the top of his class. Gang-yong also recognizes that Myeong-gil is an ex-criminal. Mr. Hong and Gang-yong make fun of Myeong-gil in front of him while having drinks.

Mr. Hong warns Myeong-gil not to use his family name again. He says they have arranged the money needed, and he doesn’t need to see Myeong-gil’s face again.

Mr. Hong and Gang-yong have a lot of connections. They didn’t fear Myeong-gil. It is later that they realize how terrifying Myeong-gil can be.

Myeong-gil blackmails Mr. Hong and Gang-yong

Myeong-gil gets angry about losing this deal. He doesn’t let this go. He sends his goons to attack Mr. Hong in a car wash. Myeong-gil’s goons force Mr. Hong to strip. They record a video of him naked, and Myeong-gil uses it to threaten Mr. Hong and Gang-yong.

Mr. Min-beom Hong & Gang-yong: Bloodhounds characters explained 1
Mr. Hong and Gang-yong trying to get Gun-woo and Woo-jin to open up

From this point on, Myeong-gil starts using Mr. Hong and Gang-yong the way he desires. Gang-yong is the one who tracks Lee Du-yeong down to protect his cousin. Myeong-gil then kills Mr. Choi, Lee Du-yeong, and Hwang Yang-jung.

What happens to Mr. Hong and Gang-yong?

Mr. Hong’s disputes with Myeong-gil continue for a very long time. It allows Gun-woo and Woo-jin to train themselves and approach Mr. Hong and Gang-yong before Mr. Hong could sign a contract with Myeong-gil.

Mr. Hong and Gang-yong have a habit of drinking a lot with people they do business with. They believe that when people are drunk, they show their true colors. They make Gun-woo drink too before trusting him.

Gun-woo, Woo-jin, Gang-yong, and Gang-yong’s team start working together. They manage to access Myeong-gil’s drive, which has evidence against Myeong-gil and the video of Mr. Hong.

However, Myeong-gil figures out that someone is onto him as his original hard drive gets destroyed because of the security around it the moment Gang-yong’s team accesses it.

Myeong-gil, with the help of a mole inside the police department, targets every other officer working on his case. Gang-yong’s team faces the wrath of Myeong-gil. They barely survive, and the police department arrests Myeong-gil’s colleagues while Myeong-gil runs away.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin take matters into their own hands and bring Myeong-gil, who is trying to escape the country, down. They also retrieve the gold he has stolen and the phone that has Mr. Hong’s video on it before escaping the ship they are on. Gang-yong then contacts Interpol for backup so that they can arrest Myeong-gil in Vietnam.

Mr. Hong hears that Gun-woo and Woo-jin don’t want the gold bricks they have recovered from Myeong-gil. They would rather have this wealth spent on poor people and those who need help. This is what Mr. Choi would have wanted.

Mr. Hong promises to honor their wishes by starting a welfare fund and setting up a hospital with this money. He also forces them to take two gold bricks each. Before they can argue, he reminds them that this is what Mr. Choi would have done too.

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