Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation summary and ending explained

In Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, Ryuma, a swordsman, is held responsible for bringing a dragon to the town. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ten years ago, a Dragon’s Horn, which was said to have mysterious powers, was stolen. It was a unique treasure, the likes of which the world has never known.

Apparently, during this time, dragons arrived from the skies and caused destruction and terror on land.

In the present, Ryuma, a samurai, finds himself in a town, looking for someone who will feed him. At a time like this, Shirano, a Master Swordsman, is also visiting this town.

Shirano is someone whose swordsmanship is considered the second best to that of the King, who is considered to be the world’s best swordsman.

The entire town is celebrating Shirano’s return, especially Flair, a young waitress. Seven years ago, her village met with a surprise attack from a dragon.

The dragon wiped out the entire village, but Shirano managed to at least save Flair, who, to this day, respects him and sees him as her hero.

Even though Shirano is the center of attention, Flair makes sure to attend to Ryuma, who gets to eat after five long days.

Ryuma regards Flair as someone who saved his life. He promises to repay her someday.

While Shirano is leaving the restaurant Flair works at to resume his journey, he hits Ryuma’s sword’s scabbard.

It triggers Ryuma, who challenges Shirano to a duel. Shirano quickly defeats Ryuma, but he does notice that Ryuma is an excellent swordsman.

Furthermore, Ryuma’s sword easily cuts a bronze statue into two pieces. After meeting his defeat, Ryuma learns about Shirano’s story.

After hearing that Shirano could be as good as the King, Ryuma concludes that Shirano must have the heart and soul of a true warrior.

Ryuma also expresses that he himself wishes to fight the King someday. However, nobody knows who he is or what he looks like.

Outside, on his way, another man hits Ryuma’s sword’s scabbard, prompting Ryuma to confront him.

The man overreacts, claiming that Ryuma has stabbed him and is trying to steal the Dragon’s Horn from him.

He shouts out that he will never let him get his hands on the Dragon’s Horn and proceeds to play the horn.

The horn can be used to summon dragons. The entire village fears that a dragon is now on its way to them all because of Ryuma’s short temper.

People run helter-skelter and try to beat Ryuma up for stabbing that man. Flair comes out of her restaurant and slaps Ryuma, calling him a murderer.

While Ryuma says that he holds no responsibility here, Shirano shows up and volunteers to fight the dragon.

Flair believes nobody can defeat a dragon, and she doesn’t want Shirano to sacrifice his life.

Shirano convinces her that he needs this one last chance to end this once and for all. With that, the people started evacuating the town.

Ending explained:

Shirano’s truth

Everyone leaves, except for Ryuma and Flair, who stay behind. Flair intends to go and stop Shirano.

Ryuma does his best to convince Flair that she should just leave the town, but an adamant Flair doesn’t listen.

Flair’s stubbornness leads to her finding out the truth about Shirano. She sees that Shirano and DR, the man who accused Ryuma of stabbing him, are working together.

They have gathered the village’s gold for themselves. Furthermore, this is not the first time they have staged a dragon attack.

Seven years ago, they staged a similar attack on Flair’s village. However, apart from stealing, they thought of garnering some fame by claiming that they saved Flair.

Defeating Shirano and DR

Flair instantly regrets calling Ryuma a murderer. She is left heartbroken upon learning the truth about the person she has admired her whole life.

Flair cries all alone inside her restaurant, while Ryuma confronts Shirano and DR.

The fact that Shirano didn’t give a damn about bumping into another man’s scabbard proves that Shirano never had the heart of a true warrior.

Shirano and DR ridicule the idea of the heart of a true warrior. Shirano decides to kill Ryuma and set him up. However, Ryuma, being a great swordsman himself, easily defeats Shirano.

DR, in utter disbelief, takes out the real Dragon’s Horn, threatening Ryuma that he will blow it.

DR claims that if he calls the dragon, only he can stop it, as it took him three years to somewhat control it; controlling the dragon isn’t easy.

Ryuma doesn’t listen to DR’s pleas and proceeds to take him out as well.

Ryuma’s true identity

DR’s defeat doesn’t stop the arrival of a dragon in the town. Flair stands face-to-face with the dragon, wanting to die with the town.

Ryuma not only comes to her rescue but also defeats the dragon by cutting its head.

Ryuma asks Flair to stop thinking about killing herself. Being dead isn’t fun. He also claims that he has paid her back for saving his life.

Now that he has fought twice for her, he expects the next meal to be on the house. Flair agrees.

Once Ryuma is gone, after learning what happened and who Shirano and DR really were, one of the villagers remembers the King’s name. People used to call him Ryuma the King.

Ryuma is the world’s greatest swordsman, with the heart and soul of a true warrior.

In another era, Zoro is seen having a conversation with a dead Ryuma. He calls Ryuma a true swordsman in body and spirit after taking his sword.

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