Money Heist: Korea part 2 ending explained: Does the gang escape with the money?

In part 2 of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, the gang carries out the business end of the plan as they face new obstacles along the way. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Captain Cha Moo-hyuk was an exceptional officer in North Korea before the unification and double agents would fear his name as he had a brilliant record of tracking down traitors.

He approaches the Professor and sneaks around his house to find some evidence but cannot. He picks up a tool with the Professor’s prints to analyse it.

The American ambassador is getting impatient and congressman Kim Sang-man is forced to do something to safely get Anne out of there. He broadcasts a message to the gang telling them that if any one of them helps, they will receive immunity.

One of the members of the gang contacts Sang-man and they are told to do one thing. Anne is given a message telling her to go down to the basement where someone will help her escape.

Woo-jin informs the others that she believes they are printing money inside and have been stalling till now. The gang scrambles when Anne goes missing and Woo-jin realises what Sang-man is up to so she informs the Professor to gain his trust and keep Anne safe.

Anne goes down to the basement and sees where the guards and Chul-woo are being held but when Tokyo and Rio arrive in the basement, only an explosive blows up but there’s no sign of Anne.

She tells the other hostages that she came back because she knew where the guards were. Moo-hyuk confirms that Sun-ho is the Professor but the Professor is one step ahead and makes it look like Moo-hyuk is a mole for the robbers.

The Professor subdues Moo-hyuk near Woo-jin’s house and her mother sees him. He goes inside to kill her as she’s calling Woo-jin but she forgets about it because of her dementia.

The gang gets suspicious of each other after finding out that there is a traitor amongst them. The hostages make up a plan to help the guards and then figure out a way to escape.

Woo-jin cuts power to the mint so that they won’t be able to print money anymore. While doing research on the mint they find out that there were 400 million won allocated for the upcoming economic summit which is what the gang is printing to steal.

The guards are freed and after knowing Oslo down, they manage to cause chaos within. They initially head to the back door where some soldiers blast an opening but the gang holds them back.

After shooting up their communication systems, Chul-woo takes all the hostages to the roof where they begin jumping off but only half of them get out until the gang gains control of the situation.

The remaining hostages realise that they can band together and refuse to work with the gang. Berlin is slowly going crazier and accusing Rio of being the traitor.

In reality, Nairobi was the traitor because she noticed that Kim Sang-man had her son hostage so she felt like she had no other choice. The Professor meets Seoul and the other mercenaries who are at the base where the gang is supposed to escape out of. Moo-hyuk is also restrained here.

They work with Berlin and met the Professor years ago when it was revealed that they are long-lost brothers who were separated when they tried to defect from the north.

Berlin’s terminal condition is revealed when he gets tremors in front of everyone. He and Tokyo come up with a plan to root out the traitor and then Tokyo decides to leave the mint and get captured so that she can share information with the Professor somehow.

Meanwhile, Sang-man begins to take more control of the operation and pushes Woojin out. She investigates the case on her own trying to find out who the Professor is.

Berlin calls out Jeon Yong-soo, the North Korean representative at the summit who is responsible for the torture of so many people at the concentration camps including Berlin.

Tokyo and Seoul go to the villa where Nairobi’s son is being held and rescue him while revealing that Yong-soo and Sang-man are corrupt and want all the money for themselves.

The gang then offers 3 billion won to any of the hostages willing to stay and work while the rest can leave. Woojin reaches out to the Professor and during the conversation, the Professor lets slip a detail that he wasn’t supposed to know and Woojin immediately suspects him.

Tokyo uses the moment that the hostages are let out to get back into the mint and give them updates. Moo-hyuk manages to escape but when he’s cornered by the mercenaries, he purposely jumps in front of a car and is sent to a hospital.

Moscow gets shot and fatally wounded while Tokyo is rushing inside. The summit is pushed a day earlier so the gang has to escape a day earlier as well.

Woojin tries to lay a trap for the Professor but he realises eventually and he escapes undetected. Denver and Rio are digging the tunnel and celebrate when they hear the people digging from the other side.

The happy time is cut short when Mi-sun comes in to tell Denver that Moscow is close to his final breath. Woojin gets suspended for her failures but she still investigates and finds the hideout and corners the Professor, ordering him to surrender.

Money Heist: Korea part 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens at the mint?

The tunnel is completed and the Professor walks in to greet his fellow team members. Earlier, he shot Woojin in her bulletproof vest and then restrained her.

The gang begin sending the money down the hole and preparing for their escape. At that point, Sang-man and Jeon-soo are pushing through the summit and Sang-man gives the order to breach the mint as soon as it is completed.

The soldiers storm the mint and the team tries to hold them back as long as they can and then rush to their escape route. They plan to escape through the sewer system that the Professor and Berlin’s father worked on.

Everyone else gets out but Berlin stays back to hold the soldiers off a little longer. Seoul, who is in love with Berlin goes back to help him.

What happens to their plan?

Woojin escapes and Moo-hyuk gets up from his coma in the hospital and immediately the location of the hideout is revealed and leaving them with no alternative.

Berlin calls Professor to say his final goodbyes and after a grenade explosion is heard, Berlin is presumed dead. The Professor calls Sang-man and offers to give himself up if the rest of the team is left alone.

Tokyo tells him not to give up and when the Professor sees his father’s map of the sewers in the water, he notices a new way for them to get out.

Do they escape?

With the only route blocked, the Professor tells the others that he knows one last option for them to try out. Woojin is walking through the sewers as well but she gets picked up by the police and Sang-man accuses her of being part of the gang.

Two of the mercenaries set up bombs under the storm covers around Pyeongyang square where people are protesting and the bomb squad isn’t able to defuse them.

When the timer hits zero, the covers are blown off and red piggy bank-shaped balloons rise up into the air and when they reach a certain height, they pop with money falling to the ground.

Woojin remembers what the Professor told her about his father and gets an idea of where he might be. She goes to a train station where she catches the gang just ready to leave. The Professor tells her that she can kill him but she can’t arrest the team or stop the train.

Woojin reluctantly lets him go because of her feelings for him.

What happens to Woojin?

Almost a year later, Woojin’s divorce to Sang-man is complete but she is still facing an internal investigation and another case. A lawyer from a prestigious law firm approaches her and tells her that they will be taking up her case.

When she says that she can’t afford it, they tell her that it has already been covered by someone anonymous. She goes back home and looks for a psotcard of Kherson that the Professor gave her.

She visits the town in the postcard and looks for a coffee shop when she finds him. She asks him what he’s got planned next and he says he can’t wait to share it with her as the scene fades.

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