Minamoto Hiromasa: Onmyoji character explained

Minamoto Hiromasa is the grandson of Emperor Daigo and he forges a connection with Abe Seimei during their missions in the capital of Heian-kyo. The character is voiced by Shintarô Asanuma.

Minamoto Hiromasa is a well-liked member of the court and a musical prodigy. He is known for his ability on the flute and he learned his trade under his mentor, Lord Atsumi.

When another Lord encounters a demon woman during a nightly jaunt, he asks Hiromasa to find a solution to the issue. Hiromasa meets Seimei Abe and despite all the rumors about the onmyoji, Hiromasa enjoys the time he spends with Seimei.

He behaves in contrast to Seimei’s cold demeanor and offers a more emotional perspective when dealing with problems. After Seimei exorcised Tadami, Hiromasa speaks out in anger and calls Seimei callous.

He later apologizes for his outburst but Seimei admits that there was a hint of truth to his words that Seimei had to take note of.

The ultimate sacrifice

Seimei constantly makes fun of Hiromasa’s lack of knowledge when it comes to all things supernatural and regularly calls him naive. Hiromasa just prefers to believe in the good side of people and trust that they will make the right decisions.

Hiromasa also calls out Seimei for never using his name when addressing him and believes that Seimei intentionally does that to keep an emotional distance between them.

When Seimei is attacked by the sekisanko, Hiromasa is beside himself and does everything within his power to save his friend. That includes giving up his talent for playing the flute.

It is his kind and pure nature that angers Atsumi and brings out the demon within, and Hiromasa’s trust in Atsumi leads to his initial death. Even when he is brought back, he attempts to talk sense into Atsumi rather than kill him.

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