Min Kyung-Min: Doctor Slump character explained

Min Kyung-Min is a major supporting character in Doctor Slump; he’s a prominent figure in Yeo Jeong-Woo’s life, as well as a shady figure in Nam Ha-Neul’s. Oh Dong-Min plays the character in the show.

A character who, on the surface, looks like a saint and does nothing but help others, Min Kyung-Min entails a darker side to him which spells nothing but danger for the Doctor Slump protagonists.

More than a friend

Min Kyung-Min is a great friend of Yeo Jeong-Woo. He was also his mentor during his high school days.

He tutored him during his senior year of high school and mentored him later on as well.

The bonds two share resemble one shared by siblings.

Since his parents are such absentees anyway, Jeong-Woo has found Kyung-Min to be his family of sorts.

Kyung-Min has surely played a similar role of late in Jeong-Woo’s life.

The plastic surgeon suffered the biggest slump of his life when one of his patients died due to a mishap; the blame for it is thrown on Yeo Jeong-Woo, and a trial begins.

Min Kyung-Min Jeong-Woo Doctor Slump
Min Kyung-Min Jeong-Woo walking out of the police station together

Kyung-Min helps him through the mitigation process, from the financial troubles to the legal advice and process.

He also manages to find some suspicious items in Jeong-Woo’s office, which are spy pens that he could’ve told him sooner but didn’t.

Red flags

Other off-kilter characteristics peek out from within his person; for example, he seems to be prickly about finding Jeong-Woo exhibiting cheerful behavior.

He outright tells Jeong-Woo that he shouldn’t be happy right now, and later tells him he only said it out of worries.

He is also rather inquisitive about the nature of Jeong-Woo’s relationship with Nam Ha-Neul.

Jeong-Woo finds some of these things rather suspicious about Min Kyung-Min but continues to trust him since their relationship is years old.

Connection with Nam Ha-Neul

Meanwhile, Min Kyung-Min also shares a past and a relationship with Nam Ha-Neul.

He was the direct senior of Ha-Neul and Hong-Ran during their medical school days.

He is the youngest professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and influenced Ha-Neul’s decision to move to the same department.

The two share a tense relationship and there’s a very visible awkwardness between the two and barely any words exchanged when they stumble upon each other.

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