Min Harper’s death in Slow Horses season 2 explained

In ‘Slow Horses’ season 2, MI5 agent Min Harper dies in a car accident. Lamb investigates the case, suspecting that someone killed Min off and made it all look like a car accident.

Before dying, Min, along with Louisa, had started working for James Webb as his security guard. Webb wanted them to make sure that his meeting with Arkady Pashkin, the representative of Illya Nevsky, goes well.

Min and Louisa meet Pashkin’s security guards, Piotr and Kyril. Min begins to suspect them from their very first meeting. He spends an entire day following them around before being caught by Piotr.

Instead of interrogating him, Piotr invites him into his apartment for a drink. Piotr and Kyril claim that they are perfectly fine with Min keeping an eye on them. They are bodyguards too and know what it is like to keep their clients safe.

Piotr and Kyril make sure to get Min as drunk as they can. Min then struggles to stand up on his feet. Piotr offers to book him a ride, but Min opts to cycle his way back home.

The next day, Lamb receives a call informing him that one of his officers has been in a car accident.

The truth behind Min’s death

Lamb digs deep into Min’s death and retrieves information on the woman who was driving the car that hit Min.

Lamb figured out that this woman, Rebecca, was paid to take the blame. He confronted her with all the information he had on her and forced her to spill the beans.

On the night Min died, she received a call and was asked to come to an underground parking lot near Edgware Road.

Min Harper's death in Slow Horses season 2 explained 1
Rebecca tells Lamb what really happened the night Min died

From the distance, she saw Min barely standing on his feet and Piotr giving him some support. Moments later, someone from behind started choking Min.

Following that, Kyril drove Rebecca’s car into Min. A fourth man watched this event and went inside. When they realized that Min has managed to survive the car crash, the third man finished Min off by spiking him with a needle-like weapon.

Rebecca described this third man. The description matches that of Andrei Chernitsky, who has also killed Richard Bough using a similar weapon.

Lamb suspects Pashkin

Lamb suspects that the fourth man who was watching the murder is none other than Arkady Pashkin. Piotr and Kyril work for him. They probably figured out that Min was onto something, and that’s the reason they got rid of him.

Min was following them around. Therefore, Lamb decided to visit every location Min went to before dying with the help of Min’s smartwatch.

The locations from the smartwatch brought Lamb to Illya Nevsky’s residence, where he and Shirley came across the dead bodies of Nevsky and his bodyguards.

Lamb is sure that Pashkin might not have killed Min and Nevsky himself, but he definitely ordered his bodyguards to finish them off. He asks Louisa to play along with Pashkin until he figures out what this mess is about.

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