Mike Carr: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel character explained

Mike Carr is the talent booker for The Gordon Ford Show and the man who is constantly pestered by Susie Myerson to get her clients on the show. The character is played by Jason Ralph.

The first time Susie meets Mike Carr is at the Stage Deli to pitch Sophie Lennon as a guest on Gordon’s show. She offers them an insightful interview with Sophie following her mental breakdown and guarantees it will be a big hit, and is ultimately proven right.

With one success under her belt, she tries to convince Mike to book Midge on the show but with no place for him to watch her perform at the time, she has trouble convincing him of her quality.

After being lectured by Lenny about doing the work to become a great comic, Susie approaches Mike once again to get her on the show but he brushes her off immediately. She doesn’t give up though and is relentless in her quest to get Midge a lucrative gig.

Perfect frenemies

After pestering him at the studio, Mike has Susie barred from entering there again so she follows him to a Christmas tree farm while he’s there with his children. She tries her level best but only succeeds in annoying him further.

When Gordon visits the Wolford, Susie talks to him about having Midge on her show but when he refuses, she suggests hiring her as a writer since he doesn’t have any female writers on the show. That fact was shared by Mike and Gordon likes the idea.

With Midge on the staff of the show, Susie has more interactions with Mike, finally warming up to him. She learns early on that Mike hates George Toledano and wishes to become Gordon’s producer.

Thanks to Susie, he finally gets his wish as Susie sneaks into George’s office and learns that he’s been bleeding Gordon’s profits dry for his own gain. With George gone, Mike is finally promoted from talent booker and he and Susie continue to remain friends.

Mike Carr: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel character explained 1
Susie has a great working relationship with Mike Carr over the years

He speaks at her “testi-roastial’ dinner and later on tells the other guys how Susie and Midge split up after having the fortune of listening to both sides of the story.

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