Midnight’s death in My Hero Academia explained

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 recently dropped a bombshell with the departure of a character beloved by many fans — Midnight. Here’s how the character meets her tragic but valiant end.

Midnight has always been a fan favorite among a slew of eclectic Pro Heroes of ‘My Hero Academia.’ Ever since the first time the Pro Hero made her appearance, she has been on the popularity charts numerous times.

As diabolical as her outfit can be (also a subject of some contention with the fans over the character’s overt objectification), Midnight has always been a champ of empathy and care for her students, giving her all in battle and dire situations.

That’s why her departure from the anime makes for one of the most heartbreaking deaths so far.

Taking on a moving mountain

Midnight fights valiantly in the battle of Pro Heroes v. Paranormal Liberation Front. While being a part of the Gunga Mountain Villa offshoot of Pro Heroes, Midnight makes a move for the big guys.

Gigantomachia, and on his back, Dabi, and the rest of the League of Villains members — all rage towards the battlefield where Shigaraki faces off against Endeavor and other Pro Heroes.

However, the raging mountain Gigantomachia is met with many Pro Heroes amid his rampaging run, all trying their best to stop the colossal villain from moving.

When Mt. Lady tries her best and fails to stop Gigantomachia, it’s upon the other heroes to stop the monster, but all fail to do so.

Kamui Woods and Midnight take charge and lunge at Gigantomachia so that the latter can use Somnambulist — her quirk that can potentially take down the moving mountain by rendering him unconscious.

Setback & back up

However, Dabi and Mr. Compress rise up and attack the two heroes, and the latter blasts a lot of debris Midnight’s way, which leaves her helplessly stuck mid-air while Kamui falls as well.

Midnight lands with a thud and gets injured. However, before what would be her eventual death, she thinks of defying this setback and another way Gigantomachia can be taken down.

Midnight death my hero academia
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A new resistance is concocted; this time, the Class 1-A students take it upon themselves to stop the beast.

Midnight instructs Yaoyorozu to make an anesthetic and use it on Gigantomachia. The student braces herself and leads others to use her teacher’s instructed plan, which eventually results in the behemoth’s fall.

The last stand

Before her work starts, Yaoyorozu tries to ask her teacher her whereabouts and what’s going on, but the connection between the two is cut short by a group of PLF members swarming towards Midnight.

While the students and the other heroes resume their battles, Midnight valiantly fights the PLF members but ultimately ends up being killed by the end.

After the dust settles, and the battle is over, class 1-A students are the first to witness the tragic scene of their beloved teacher’s body lying in the forest, lifeless and resting eternally.

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