Metatron: Good Omens season 2 character explained

The Metatron is the leader of the forces of heaven who shows up at the end of Good Omens season 2. The character is played by Derek Jacobi.

The Metatron is first seen in the Archangel Gabriel’s trial after Gabriel refused to go along with armageddon on Earth. He doesn’t appear to have the patience to deal with the incompetence of the angels Michael, Uriel, and Saraquel.

Once Gabriel and Beelzebub go off on their own adventure and the demons head back to hell to talk to the dark council, the angels are left to figure out who to punish for this particular situation.

Metatron shows up to clear up any confusion and make Aziraphale an offer.

Glorious future ahead

The Metatron first visits Nina’s shop and playfully asks her if anyone of her customers have ever asked for death rather than coffee and she says no.

He then heads to the bookshop and sends Michael, Uriel, and Saraquel back to heaven so that he can deal with them later. He then pulls Aziraphale aside and tells him that since Gabriel is no longer Archangel, Aziraphale is the next best candidate to replace him.

Metatron: Good Omens season 2 character explained 1
He asks Aziraphale to be the next Archangel

According to the Metatron, Aziraphale has a balanced outlook thanks to his many years on earth and isn’t afraid to question authority and speak up for what he thinks is right.

He also tells him that if he so wishes, he can make Crowley an angel again. After Crowley and Azirphale part ways, Aziraphale heads back to heaven with the Metatron, who says that they will be working on the ‘Second Coming’.

This appears to worry Aziraphale very greatly.

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