Mathew Patel: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained

Mathew Patel is the first of Ramona’s evil exes who takes charge of his destiny after defeating Scott. The character is voiced by Satya Bhabha who played him in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Mathew Patel is Ramona’s ex-boyfriend from middle school, whose goth demeanor attracted Ramona to a sea of jocks. She stated that they were together for only a week and a half and kissed just once.

Mathew delivered a letter explaining the League to Scott and announcing their impending fight, but Scott only scanned through the letter without actually reading it.

Mathew “defeats” Scott in battle, but when that doesn’t automatically win over Ramona’s heart, he invites the other exes for a meeting. He challenges Gideon for everything he has, and with his mystical powers becomes the new head of the “G-Man’s” Empire.

Gideon referred to him as a D-List theater student with far-fetched Broadway dreams, but he managed to defeat one of the most powerful people in the business.

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Star of the show

As head of the movie studio, Mathew shuts down the production of the film about Scott because he loses right at the beginning of the screenplay and is an afterthought.

Stephen and Knives grab his attention with a sample of their music and he offers them some time for a pitch meeting in New York. Knives does her research on him and plays into his narcissism.

They write a musical based on Young Neil’s screenplay and convince Mathew that he’s the perfect person to play the lead. Mathew is super-excited about the show and forgets about everything else.

When Scott and Ramona approach him during the premiere, he brushes them off and says that he has to rest his voice and focus on putting on a good show.

Mathew Patel: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained 1
Mathew Patel and his show are a huge success

After foiling Gordon’s plan to get revenge, he voluntarily hands over control of the empire because his dream is to star on stage, not be a CEO.

The musical is a success and Mathew becomes a huge star because of it.

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