Marry My Husband summary and ending explained

Marry My Husband follows Kang Ji-Won, who catches her husband and best friend sleeping with each other, shortly before being murdered by her husband and waking up ten years back in time, ready to take revenge and chase find happiness. The series is streaming on Prime Video. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary 

Kang Ji-Won is on the verge of death as a terminally ill cancer patient. 

She finds her husband Park Min-Hwan and her lifelong best friend Jeong Su-Min, sleeping with each other while merrily anticipating her death. 

During the confrontation, Min-Hwan pushes Ji-Won, who dies after hitting her head to the glass table behind her. 

Moments after her consciousness fades to black, she wakes up ten years back in time, in her own body. 

She initially struggles with this absurd turn of events where her now boyfriend Park Min-Hwan and best friend Jeong Su-Min are still their terrible selves, but their true colors are still not out on full display. 

Yu Ji-Hyuk, the general manager at U&K who would eventually inherit the whole company from his chairman grandfather, helps Ji-Won achieve all her objectives while confessing his feelings this time around.

Ji-Won manages to make Su-Min and Min-Hwan marry each other and then sow discord between them. She transfers her fate onto them and makes them suffer. 

Perils hit a peak as Min-Hwan meets an unexpected end and Su-Min finally comes to take Ji-Won’s life, only to suffer the karma of all her evil actions thus far. 

Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk continue their blissful relationship, eventually marrying each other and having kids, leading happy lives, as Marry My Husband concludes.

Ending explained:

Oh Yu-Ra’s fate 

Oh Yu-Ra enters the picture later in the story of Marry My Husband when Kang Ji-Won and Yu Ji-Hyuk have already started dating. 

She is the ex-fianceé of Ji-Hyuk who had previously agreed to break up the engagement because he was always indifferent to her. 

When she learns that he called it off because of another girl, her overt possessiveness kicks in and she comes flying to Korea, to snatch Ji-Hyuk away for her. 

She has always resorted to dirty, even outright violent methods to get rid of people who she thinks take away what belongs to her. 

She sees Ji-Won in the same way. Eventually, she decides to get rid of her by having her killed. She tasks Park Min-Hwan with the hit job. 

He involves his wife Su-Min, who further hires her parents to do the job. However, her father botches up the job, as Ji-Hyuk sacrifices himself to save Ji-Won from being run over by the dump truck. 

Oh Yu-Ra eventually decides to get rid of Su-Min’s parents by having them killed, but a recovered Yu Ji-Hyuk one-ups her. 

He gets her loyal henchman to defect to his side and through his help, he saves Su-Min’s parents’ lives, who ultimately get arrested and are ready to spill the beans about Yu-Ra. 

Meanwhile, Su-Min manages to collect evidence against Yu-Ra, which forces Yu-Ra to speed up Su-Min’s murder by tasking Min-Hwan to do it. 

However, even that fails as Min-Hwan ends up getting murdered by Su-Min. At last, Yu-Ra is prosecuted and charges are levied against her. 

She tries to flee the country but on her way to the airport, she crashes her car in the same way Yu Ji-Hyuk did in his previous life, and dies, signifying that his fate got transferred to her. 

Park Min-Hwan’s end 

Park Min-Hwan switches parties and loyalties at the drop of a hat in Marry My Husband. He goes where the money is and he’s solely driven by seduction. 

When he can’t get back at Ji-Won, and while his partnership with Yu-Ra is exposed to Jeong Su-Min, he’s also being tormented by the lenders to whom he’s severely indebted. 

He finds a solution for it all, and it’s the insurance that the company provides when an employee is fired. He finds that he can claim 100 million in insurance money if his spouse dies of an injury. 

Jeong Su-Min poses a threat to Yu-Ra with the evidence she’s gathered against her. Her death will give Min-Hwan 100 million. 

He finds it the perfect opportunity to benefit monetarily as well as get rid of Yu-Ra’s thorn. He conspires with Yu-Ra to kill Su-Min. 

He takes her to a remote place and ties her up to a table leg. He plans on staging her death as an accident, by having her die of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

However, Su-Min manages to break out of her binds and then gives Min-Hwan a formidable physical challenge, refusing to die at his hands.

During the struggle, she smashes a liquor bottle on his head, and while he’s in a daze, she pushes him with all her might. 

He falls on the glass table behind him, hitting the back of his head and bleeding to death shortly after that. 

He dies in the exact way Kang Ji-Won had died at his hands in her previous life, as the penultimate episode of Marry My Husband ends.

While Jeong Su-Min was supposed to be the one that Ji-Won transfers her fate to during this setup, it’s actually Min-Hwan who ends up dying.

Jeong Su-Min stays predictable 

Jeong Su-Min has been one diabolically vicious person in Kang Ji-Won’s life since their childhood. 

She has always tried and succeeded in robbing Ji-Won of everything and everyone she suspected to be good for her. 

Right until her death, Su-Min stands and watches, gloating and telling Ji-Won how selfish she is.

So when Ji-Won gets a second chance at life, she makes sure she doesn’t let Su-Min repeat all her psychopathic attacks on her. 

Ji-Won dumps her trash, Park Min-Hwan, on Su-Min. When she realizes that, Su-Min only gets crazier and more unhinged. 

She finally resorts to just killing Ji-Won. After her father fails to do so, and after she narrowly escapes death herself, she stays predictable in that her blind craze is relentless. 

She buys thinner and zip-ties to kill Ji-Won. The store owner who gives Su-Min the thinner recognizes her from the news and the word reaches Yu Ji-Hyuk. 

He and Ji-Won realize what Jeong Su-Min is going to do. Ji-Won decides to let her do what she’s set out to do. 

Su-Min ties Ji-Won’s hands with zip ties and starts dousing the room with the thinner. 

However, Ji-Won breaks her zip-tie and incapacitates Su-Min, thanks to the lessons Ji-Hyuk gave her beforehand. 

Su-Min also announces and recaps her evil plans which all get recorded on a camera as the police stay outside the room on standby.

Su-Min is arrested and sent to jail, where she manages to fool some inmates with her manipulative charms. 

The finale of Marry My Husband sees, her having episodes of anger and outbursts whenever she thinks or hears about Ji-Won.

Kang Ji-Won & Yu Ji-Hyuk’s happy-ever-after 

After the entire ordeal, Ji-Won gets permission from Ji-Hyuk’s grandfather for his grandson’s hand. 

Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk enjoy a blissful time together and the two eventually get married. They go on to have three kids. 

Ji-Won also becomes the CEO of U&K’s charitable foundation, which she uses to help those who have lost everything, by offering them a second chance. 

Marry My Husband ends with the two moving past all the days that they had already lived in their previous lives. 

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