Mai (2022) summary and ending explained 

Mai‘ is a thriller series based on a mother’s thirst for her revenge after she finds out that her daughter’s supposed death in an accident is actually a planned murder.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Supriya (Wamiq Gabbi), a mute woman, is killed when she is hit by a truck in the middle of the road, while she is about to tell her mother, Sheel (Sakshi Tanwar), what has been bothering her lately.

During the court hearing, looking at the odd behavior of the truck driver who hit Supriya, and a stranger wishing to talk to her about her daughter, Sheel begins to wonder if the death was an accident at all.

She figures out that the truck driver’s son has been admitted to an elite school by a trustee, Jawahar (Prashant Narayan), who is incidentally the son of Kusum, an elderly woman nursed by Sheel in the old age nursing home, Geeta Bhawan.

When Sheel encounters Jawahar to know why her daughter was killed, she ends up kidnapping him and dosing him to make sure he’s subdued, tying him up in Geeta Bhawan.

To her shock, the chemicals have adverse effects on him as is a heart patient, and he dies. But before dying, he warns Sheel that she has no idea what she has gotten herself into.

Prashant (Anant Vidgat) and Shankar (Vaibhav Raj Gupta), Jawahar’s underlings, view the CCTV footage, but opt not to expose Sheel to Jawahar’s right-hand woman, Neelam (Raima Sen).

They have their own ulterior motives, as Jawahar smuggles money for the industrialist Goyal through human couriers, and they want to replace Jawahar as his trusted accomplice.

They shoot Jawahar’s body and bring it to Neelam to make it look like the Special Police Force (SPF) did it. But, all of them can’t find the crypto key that is essential to access Goyal’s money.

Prashant and Shankar want to bring the key to Goyal themselves to prevent Neelam from replacing Jawahar.

Sheel, Prashant and Neelam find the key in the medical waste plant, as she had thrown it in the trash of Geeta Bhawan the night she killed Jawahar. But they are located by Keshav, Neelam’s right-hand man and lover.

After a tussle, Sheel injures Keshav and the three hold him hostage. All this while, Sheel and Yash (Vivek Mushran) find their marriage deteriorating after the death of Supriya.

To add to this, it is revealed that Archit, thought to be the son of Yash’s brother and his wife, is actually Sheel and Yash’s son.

Yash gave him away to his brother as he felt the two of them wouldn’t be able to give Archit a good life. Sheel has never really forgiven him for this.

Sheel also comes to know that the SPF inspector in charge of Supriya’s case, Farooque (Ankur Ratan), was also her boyfriend, and the two broke up because he was already married.

Hearing of news about Jawahar’s death, his twin brother, Mohan, comes back to the city to take revenge and is quickly shown to be a dangerous individual.

Sheel finds the crypto key in a bike, hidden by Prashant and Shankar, and plants it in Neelam’s house. She also hints to Mohan that Neelam might have the key herself.

Mohan reaches Neelam’s house and finds the crypto key, believing her to have killed Jawahar to take his place.

Prashant makes sure all of Goyal’s money is safely transported to Surat through human couriers.

He is also assigned a mission to team up with Mohan and eliminate Neelam, who has agreed to reveal all information about the scams in return for immunity from the SPF.

This sets up a grand finale between Sheel, SPF and Goyal’s men.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Mai ending explained in detail:

Revenge is a dish best served cold

In a flashback, Neelam and Keshav threaten Supriya and force her to accept Rs 10 lakh in return for keeping quiet about the medical scams in Geeta Pathology, where she was a doctor.

During a shootout between SPF and Goyal’s men, Neelam is shot by Mohan, but survives. Shankar finds himself on the end of his own grenade, and is gravely injured.

Mohan cuts his leg and Sheel operates, saving his life from the potential infection, much to the relief of Prashant, who is revealed to be Shankar’s lover by this point.

Sheel confronts Farooque and tells him Neelam was threatening Supriya before her death, and she must have been the killer.

This ignites an argument between Farooque and his wife, where he reveals that Supriya was the one who left him after his wife faked her suicide to stop him from divorcing her and being with Supriya.

Farooque is furious and asks Neelam if she killed her, but she responds that she will only reveal the truth after they bring Keshav to her.

Sheel frees Keshav, but not before spraying his jacket with pesticide. When Neelam meets him, she accidentally inhales it, forcing her to lose breath, as she is an asthma patient. This interrupts to deposition.

The SPF officers bring an inhaler for her from the nearest pharmacy, but unbeknownst to them, Sheel has replaced the inhalation powder with chemicals deadly to Neelam.

The moment she inhales it, the reaction occurs, and she dies on the spot. Sheel has successfully used her skills as a nurse to exact revenge.

Goyal’s new right-hand man

Mohan and Prashant, who are finding Neelam, are sent to the wrong location through a false tip from the high court judge.

Prashant acts as if it was his backup plan to kill Neelam, taking credit for what Sheel had managed to do.

This prompts Goyal to make him his new right-hand man in place of Jawahar, and he shows him the location of all his black money.

It was actually in Geeta Pathology all this time, which was revealed to benamed after his dead wife, Geeta.

Prashant meets Sheel and thanks her for saving Shankar and helping the two fulfill their dreams of becoming powerful. He promises to help her whenever she needs it.

Who killed Supriya?

Keshav enters Sheel’s house looking to avenge Neelam. He wants her to feel the pain of losing someone dear, and as Archit knocks the door, he intends to kill him.

On his way to the door, however, Sheel catches him by surprise and stabs him, once again letting her aggressive protective instincts as a mother take over.

Archit and Yash later enter the house and have a moment, as Archit now knows who his true parents are. Yash is still not on talking terms with Sheel, however, after he was injured as one of Neelam’s men attacked him.

The two don’t find Keshav’s body, and Sheel scrambles to take care of it. She calls Prashant for help, but he doesn’t pick up.

When she goes to find him, he is in conversation with the truck driver’s wife, who complains that the school fee hasn’t been paid. Prashant assures her that he has the power now, and will take care of it.

In a twist, Sheel realizes that it was Prashant who had killed Supriya, and Jawahar only wanted to threaten her as he considered her a mere child. Prashant went against his orders and promised the truck driver his son’s admission to carry out the murder.

Sheel finally pieces everything together; from Prashant’s statement that information is less valuable, the more people know about it to Jawahar’s complaint that he carries out duties that have not even been assigned.

With revenge reignited in Sheel, this sets up a season 2 where she will potentially face off against the now powerful Prashant.

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