Lucerys ‘Luke’ Velaryon’s death in House of the Dragon explained

Lucerys ‘Luke’ Velaryon flies to the south, to the Storm’s End, to meet Lord Borros Baratheon, and ends up crossing paths with an enemy. The finale of House of the Dragon is now streaming on HBO Max.

Lord Corlys Velaryon’s return brings new hope for Rhaenyra, as he had captured the Narrow Sea. With that, they are now able to block the trade route of King’s Landing.

In order to challenge Alicent and Aegon, Rhaenyra needed the Starks, Baratheons, and Arryns on her side as well.

Jace volunteered to deliver her message to them along with his brother, Luke, as they had dragons of their own. He believed that the dragons would be more convincing than the ravens.

Rhaenyra considered this and commanded Jace to fly north to see her mother’s cousin, Lady Jeyne Arryn. Following that, she also wanted him to go to Winterfell to convince Lord Cregan Stark.

Luke, on the other hand, will be flying to the Storm’s End to bring Lord Borros Baratheon on their side.

Luke meets Lord Borros Baratheon

Luke flies through the thick clouds of the south that were about to rain and finds his way to Storm’s End. The first thing he notices around there is Vhagar, claimed by Aemond.

As expected, Luke sees Aemond right there in Baratheon’s hall and has no option but to deliver the queen’s message right in front of an enemy.

Lord Borros is surprised to see another messenger, and this time around, the message comes from a queen. He wonders who really is ruling the House of the Dragon: a king, as in Aegon, or a queen, as in Rhaenyra.

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Lord Borros Baratheon hears the queen’s message

A maester reads the message and whispers it in the ears of Lord Borros, who gets furious upon hearing that it is to remind him of his father’s oath.

He didn’t like the tone and addressed how King Aegon at least came with an offer of a marriage pact.

He asks Luke whether he will marry one of his daughters if he provides his assistance. Luke clarifies that he is already betrothed, so that’s not possible.

Since the queen had nothing to give, Lord Borros Baratheon decided not to align himself with her.

The confrontation between Luke and Aemond

Luke, as he had promised his mother, came as a messenger and turned around to go back, but Aemond was not ready to let go of him that easily.

Aemond questioned the guts of Luke to fly over to Storm’s End to plot and steal his brother’s throne. Luke tries to avoid fighting, and even Aemond opts for the same.

Instead, Aemond asks for his eye. All of this for stabbing his eye when they were kids.

Without wasting time, Aemond proceeds to walk toward Luke but is stopped by Baratheon’s knights. Lord Borros doesn’t want blood on his floor. Therefore, he commands his knights to escort Luke to his dragon.

Lucerys 'Luke' Velaryon's death in House of the Dragon explained 2
Aemond asks for Luke’s eye

A scared Luke leaves Storm’s End in heavy rain and notices that Vhagar is missing. He takes the hint that Aemond is coming for him, and he eventually does.

Though Luke and his dragon play smart and fly through smaller regions where Vhagar can’t enter, Luke soon loses control over his dragon.

Luke’s dragon eventually finds a way to attack Vhagar, which in turn enrages the giant dragon.

Aemond tries to get hold of Vhagar in order to prevent him from killing Luke, but Vhagar ends up eating Luke along with his dragon as they pass through the storm.

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