What happens to Luca at the end of Jack Ryan season 3?

Luca Gocharov became a key person in putting an end to Petr Kovac and Alexei’s sinister plans in ‘Jack Ryan’ season 3. Despite being on the right side, Luca had to pay for what he did decades ago.

Back in 1969, Luca Gocharov, as a member of the Red Army, was ordered to shut down the original Sokol Project. The move saw Luca and his soldiers kill every scientist working on it.

Many of the soldiers, including Petr Kovac, formerly known as Petr Lebedev, were against it. Years later, Petr Kovac brought the Sokol Project back to life with the motive of starting a war between Russia and the United States.

Luca made some dicey decisions and sided with Jack Ryan in order to stop Kovac and Alexei. He offered information on the person supplying uranium for the bomb.

He even managed to record Alexei’s words, in which he admits that he was part of former Russian Defense Minister Dmitry Popov’s assassination.

When Russia’s warship ‘Fearless’ went up against America’s ‘USS Roosevelt’, he infiltrated ‘Fearless’ and convinced the soldiers on the ship to do the right thing.

Where does Luca gets taken?

Jack Ryan and Luca together made sure that their countries won’t go to war against each other, but unlike Jack, Luca didn’t get awarded for his efforts.

President Surikov had earlier clarified that he is going to sort out who the traitors really are. A week later, when things had calmed down, an officer paid Luca a visit late at night.

Luca Gocharov Jack Ryan season 3
Luca gets taken from his house

Luca’s words suggested that he was expecting someone to knock on his door. He was prepared for this very moment. Alexei Petrov had retaliated when the officers came to kill him, but Luca over here assured the officer that he won’t make this difficult.

Luca certainly gets taken to answer for the decisions he made in 1969 when he ordered his soldiers to kill the scientists involved in the Sokol Project.

Later, while addressing Jack, Luca mentions that he has not always lived his life with honor. He just hopes that he has done enough to die with it.

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