Love Hostel (2022) summary and ending explained

Love Hostel is a romantic thriller set in rural North India, focusing on an inter-faith couple’s journey to escape the harsh persecution faced by society and its most evil hitman.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


The film opens with the scene of an ordinary-looking couple celebrating their nuptials on video. This soon turns into a harrowing scene, however, as the couple are now seen being hung by a mysterious thug, yet again on video.

The audience is now first introduced to the movie’s main antagonist, Dagar, played by Bobby Deol. Dagar then sends proof of the execution to, one could assume, the people who hired him. However, another look at the thug’s visage hints at the crime being fuelled by personal bias. The setting shifts to the police finding the scene of the crime. Another detail revealed here is that the antagonist was believed to be dead, which the law enforcement now debates the validity of.

Moving ahead, the movie now presents us with the two protagonists, Jyoti (Sanya Malhotra), a Hindu and Ashu (Vikrant Massey), a Muslim Jat. They are seen planning to get their marriage registered, with a close friend, Sonu, present as a witness. The jovial mood does not last for long, however, as the movie indicates at the first dilemma. Ashu receives an intimidating call from an anonymous individual to remind him to carry out a certain delivery.

We move on to get familiar with the protagonists’ families and each of their situations. Jyoti’s family consists of her sympathetic, loving father, standoffish mother, vulnerable younger sister and egoistic, abusive younger brother. The movie’s other antagonist is Jyoti’s grandmother, a prominent political figure, hellbent on tradition and societal image, who does not approve of the couple’s union due to differences in faith. Further, viewers are informed of the plight of Ashu’s father, who appeared to have been framed for carrying arms and wrongly imprisoned. His mother seems to be suffering from a disorder similar to schizophrenia.

The background then moves on to the couple successfully registering their marriage and being granted asylum from Jyoti’s potentially dangerous family. This, however, turns sour as they are sent to a dilapidated building, a so-called ‘love hostel’ and put up in a room shared by nearly 30 different people.

The couple, unfortunately, has no time to worry about the living situation as problems come to haunt them. Ashu is tracked down by the anonymous caller and forced to follow through with his delivery, which leads to a confrontation with criminals and the police. This progresses to the revelation that Ashu was working as a police informant and helped take down criminals, assisted by a police officer seeking justice. Barely making it out alive, Ashu returns to the love hostel to different problems altogether.

The hitman, Dagar had arrived to carry out his agenda. The couple narrowly escapes his wrath and continue on their journey towards freedom.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Love Hostel (2022) ending explained in detail:

Teach ‘em young

Buckling to flee from Dagar, the couple escape to the currently empty house of Sonu. Staking out, Ashu attempts to seek out his mother, Jyoti’s father and her sister.

Regrettably, he finds his mother suffocated to death by Dagar. Not giving up, he moves on to rescue Jyoti’s mistreated sister, and succeeds initially, with the help of Jyoti’s father.

However, this success was soon all in vain, as Jyoti’s younger brother shoots Ashu and kidnaps his younger sister back to their house.

A family affair

Over on Jyoti’s side, Dagar finally catches up and ties her up, prepared to be hung. The owner of the house returns and viewers are then enlightened with the fact that Sonu was Dagar’s daughter.

This is when it was revealed that Dagar’s hatred was fuelled by an incident where his brother committed suicide due to a betrayal by his daughter, assisted by Sonu.

We are given a glimmer of hope when Jyoti breaks free of her restraints, but these hopes are soon quashed as she is shot by Dagar.

The death of a dog

Dagar, now successful, makes his way onwards. Stopping at a rest stop to get his tires changed, he interacts with a dog that he had brought along from his visit to the veterinary hospital to treat a gunshot wound.

Dagar presumably visits a veterinarian that he bribes to maintain his anonymity. The dog hops out of his car and playfully crosses the road. We are shown an inkling of the humanity still left in Dagar as he endearingly follows.

All of this was short-lived, however, as Dagar gets hit by an oncoming truck, and lays sprawled on the side of the road.

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