Lost Bullet 2 ending explained: Does Lino find Areski and Marco?

Lost Bullet 2 follows Lino as he forms a new narcotics unit with Julia to hunt down the murderers of his brother and mentor. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Lino resolves to exact vengeance on the corrupt cops Areski and Marco, who are responsible for murdering his mentor, Charras, in an attempt to avoid being exposed for their involvement with the drug mafia.

Julia, who is helping him in this mission, informs him that Areski has fled, leaving everything behind, including his wife Stella and son.

Before Lino could question Marco, he’s told that even Marco has managed to flee, but Lino is sure that someone has assisted him in his escape.

It’s been six months, and Lino is still closely following Areski’s wife, Stella, in the hopes of catching Areski if he returns. Stella soon confronts him and warns him to stop following because Areski will never come back to his family.

Lino disregards Julia’s warning and continues to stake out near Stella’s house, where he notices suspicious men lingering around. After saving Stella from them, he learns that Areski hired these men to reach out to Stella.

A year later, Lino and Julia take charge and form a new narcotics unit to track down Charras’ killers. During one of their drug raids, they cross the French border into Spain and meet Alvaro, a Spanish officer who knew Charras.

Alvaro reveals that Marco and Areski are now wanted in Spain for allowing kilos of drugs to cross the border.

Lino receives an anonymous call from a woman, which leads him to Marco’s hideout. He eventually discovers that Moss, Charras’ boss, had kept Marco in hiding all this time.

He decides not to kill Marco and drags him to the police station to seek answers. Moss reveals that the real culprit is the head of narcotics, Alexander Resz, who led Lino to the hideout in order to get rid of Marco through him.

The police can’t bring Resz down because they don’t have enough evidence, and without Areski, the case isn’t strong enough, which is why the only witness is being protected.

Lino loses it when he learns that Marco will be allowed to leave without being sent to prison simply because he has exposed three corrupt police officers.

Furthermore, Youri Baptista, under the orders of commander Alexander Resz, enters the police station. He informs Moss that he is looking for Areski and orders her to turn over any information or names that could lead to his capture.

Lino comes back to the police station with explosives and kidnaps Marco before Baptista could take him away.

Lost Bullet 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Lino save Marco and Alvaro from Alexander Resz’s men?

Lino contacts Alvaro after kidnapping Marco in order to hand him over to the Spanish police. They agree to meet near the France-Spain border. Moss, on the other hand, orders Julia to prevent Lino from handing Marco over to the Spaniards.

Alvaro assures Lino that Marco will be held accountable for his crimes. Julia catches up but fails to make it in time.

Julia and Lino soon learn that commander Alexander Resz is after Marco, which means Alvaro is in danger.

They warn Alvaro and realize that he is still ten kilometers from the border with Alexander Resz’s men on his tail.

Julia requests backup, but since they are nearby, they decide to pursue Alexander’s men themselves and manage to save Alvaro and Marco.

What happens to Marco?

Julia arrests Marco after rescuing him and Alvaro from Alexander Resz’s men. When Moss orders her men to arrest Lino as well, Julia threatens her that if she doesn’t let Lino go, she will hand Marco over to Spanish authorities herself.

Youri intervenes and starts shooting before Julia could even negotiate with Moss. Marco chances upon the situation and flees inside a police car, with Lino handcuffed in the back seat.

Lino starts beating him, which results in an accident, and later drags him to a nearby house, where Marco stabs Lino.

Julia arrives in the meantime, and during their fight, she shoots Marco with a shotgun.

Julia regrets her actions and requests an ambulance while Marco is still conscious, but Lino ultimately shoots him again, and Marco ends up dying. 

Why does Julia quit the police department?

Moss summons Julia to the police station following the incident with Marco. Julia confronts the fact that, when she was in combat with Marco, she had no choice but to fire the shot when he tried to flee.

Moss tells her that she has failed in her mission to protect Marco and that their years of effort have been in vain.

She also informs Julia that once the Spanish police are done with Lino, they will come looking for answers, and they have decided to blame everything on Lino.

Julia knows Lino shot Marco to keep her out of trouble, so she tells Moss that she’s had enough of lying for her and quits. 

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