Looop Lapeta summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Looop Lapeta sees a couple, Satya and Savi, end up in a pickle when the former looses his boss’ bag containing 50 lakh rupees. He calls Savi to help him find a solution lest they both be killed. Eventually, her attempts to save her boyfriend put her in a curious time loop, through which she goes multiple times to curate the perfect plan.


Looop Lapeta begins in Goa with Savina “Savi” Borkar (Taapsee Pannu) reminiscing about her successful life as a track & field athlete and her eventual knee injury which ruined her career. She goes to the roof of the hospital where she’s being treated to jump and kill herself but is saved by a lowlife, Satya (Tahir Raj Bhasin).

The two gradually start dating and move in together, with Savi giving up her former fitness lifestyle and getting into smoking, alcohol and drugs with her new boyfriend.

Desperate to make something of life, Satya keeps gambling and getting beaten up by people frequently and Savi tries to apply for jobs. Satya also works at a restaurant where his boss, Victor (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), also turns out to be a dangerous criminal. When Satya goes to ask him for an advance for Savi’s birthday, Victor assigns him a task first.

Satya is supposed to deliver a package to an unknown man and in return take a bag containing 50 lakh rupees. Victor explains him the job clearly, hands him a gun, warns him about police surveillance and threatens him that if something goes wrong, he will be killed. A determined Satya heads out and does the first part of the job spectacularly.

However, while travelling back with the bag in a bus, he starts smoking up with a fellow passenger but doesn’t stop when a couple of cops enter the bus. Realising that he’s in possession an illegal substance, he runs out of the bus leaving the bag behind which is picked up by the stranger who offered Satya the smoke.

As he evades the cops, he notices that the bus is gone, along with the bag. Helpless, he calls Savi who is at her new job as a caregiver for an 88-year-old man. As she snorts some cocaine in the bathroom, Savi picks up Satya’s call and he narrates the entire ordeal to her.

They both panic first realising that they have less than hour to find the bag or arrange for the money before Victor finds and kills them. Savi then asks Satya to go look for the bag in the area where the bus was headed and goes to her father, Atul Borkar (KC Shankar), to ask for help.

On her way to her father’s gym, she gets into a cab owned by Jacob (Sameer Kevin Roy), who is mourning the fact that his girlfriend, Julia (Shreya Dhanwanthary), is getting married to someone else. When he refuses to drive, Savi kicks and breaks a rear view mirror of his car and runs away, attracting the attention of a police officer, David Colaco (Bhupesh Bandekar).

She then gets into a bus and reaches her father’s gym where it is revealed that he was her coach and things turned sour between them when Savi picked Satya over her career and also she does not appreciate him dating a man after her mother’s death. She asks him for the money but the two argue and Savi leaves.

The cop sees her again and chases after her but she evades him by entering a wedding which turns out to be Julia’s, however, Savi doesn’t realise it. She notices people gifting huge sums of money to the bride in envelopes as goodwill but ignores it.

Elsewhere, two brothers, Appu (Manik Papneja) and Gappu (Raghav Raj Kakker), plan to rob their jewellery store owner father, Shree Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji (Rajendra Chawla), owing to his rough and rude treatment of them.

Unfortunately, Satya also has the same idea when he glances upon the store and remembers he’s been there before with Savi. He bought a ring then and tried to propose her but she wasn’t ready. This time however, he covers his face, enters the store, and holds Mamlesh at gunpoint, demanding the money.

Once he has the cash in possession, Appu and Gappu also storm in with their faces covered and are shocked to see their father already being robbed. This is when even Mamlesh pulls out a gun and there is a stand-off between them. Luckily, Savi arrives at the right moment and breaks a window that distracts everyone and Satya escapes. The duo enters an alley and celebrates but the brothers threaten them with their fake gun and demand the cash.

Savi and Satya try to reason with them but Mamlesh arrives from behind and shoots Satya dead. Savi is distraught and cries over his body as the frame shifts to a flashback with Satya narrating the story of Satyavan and Savitri from Amar Chitra Katha to Savi.

According to that story, Savitri married Satyavan despite being foretold that he’ll die in a year. After a year passed, he did in fact perish and Savitri was distraught. Savi asks that isn’t this a sad ending to which Satya replies that the story isn’t over yet. The narrative switches back to Savi in the bathroom of her old client’s house with Satya still alive.

With a second chance at saving her boyfriend, does she manage to make it count?

Looop Lapeta ending explained:

A second chance

Unable to figure out why time is aiding her, she picks up Satya’s call and tells him to remain where he is as she tries to come up with a new plan this time. He doesn’t understand how she already knows about the situation but obeys her.

Savi heads out and almost gets run over by a car this time and the driver instead starts arguing with her for being careless and high. With not enough time on her hands, she kicks the man in the groin and runs (with a limp this time owing to her minor accident) to get into Jacob’s cab again. However, this time officer David gets in with her as he confronts her about kicking that man.

He places her under arrest and instructs Jacob to drive to the police station. He’s still mourning Julia’s wedding and refuses to drive until David threatens to shoot him. As he speeds his car, Savi causes a distraction and makes them crash, which leads to David and Jacob being injured.

Post the accident, Julia keeps calling Jacob but he doesn’t pick up as he forgets his phone in the car. Savi on the other hand takes David’s gun and uses it to threaten her father to give her the money. He opens his safe for her but there isn’t any in there. Another flashback reveals that Atul traded his saved money for his gym’s papers from the same guy who Satya delivered the package to.

Distraught Savi lets out her aggression by dissing her father’s boyfriend, Yash (Varun Pande), and demands her mother’s ring back from him. She takes it, leaves and is noticed by David who chases her to Julia’s wedding again.

Savi sneaks into Julia’s room with the gun and realises that she doesn’t need it so she throws it out of the window. Julia wants to marry Jacob as well and goes on a rant about her dreams and not wanting to have children with a man she doesn’t even know.

After she’s done, Savi tells her to ignore Jacob and just marry the guy she’s been set up with, using her own example as a lesson that if she runs after someone like Jacob, she’ll be running her whole life. Unfortunately, Jacob is outside Julia’s house and uses a ladder to hang on to her balcony just as the two women are having this conversation.

Dead again

Savi runs out again to meet Satya and Julia kisses her to be husband in front of Jacob who falls from the balcony as the railing breaks. At the jewellery store, this time Appu and Gappu are planning to just take in sign boards so that their father doesn’t recognise their voices as they demand the money.

Meanwhile, a helpless Satya is wandering aimlessly in front of the jewellery story and gets into an argument with the brothers. In a tussle he accidentally tosses his real gun over to them. Appu and Gappu are ecstatic that they have an actual weapon and go ahead with their plan.

Inside the store, Mamlesh recognises the brothers due to Appu’s handwriting on the placards and the brothers try to play it off as a prank. Meanwhile Savi comes across the totalled cab on her way and finally makes the connection that Jacob is the same cab driver who she has screwed over twice and who wants to marry Julia.

She catches up with Satya and this time suggests that they will rob the brothers after they rob their father. Inside the store, Mamlesh slaps Gappu and before he can slap Appu, the former still points the gun at him. The brothers eventually rob their father and tie him up only to be smacked unconscious by Savi and Satya.

The two run into the same alley again but are confronted by Jacob this time. He too has a gun which is the same one that Savi threw out of the window at Julia’s place. He vents out his frustration at Savi for urging Julia to pick the other guy and shoots Satya dead again.

Savi can’t believe that the outcome didn’t change and as she breaks down, the narrative switches to the same flashback and Satya narrates the rest of Savitri and Satyavan’s story. He mentions that Savitri wasn’t going to sit and accept her husband’s death so she decided to talk to Yamraj, the god of death.

She impressed him with her knowledge of ancient Hindu texts and he allowed her one wish except Satyavani’s life. The clever Savitri asked him to bless her children with long lives but the catch was that she didn’t have any so Satyavan had to return.

After this scene, the time again rewinds to the bathroom and Savi knows that this time she needs to save Satya at all costs.

The butterfly

This time Savi picks up Satya’s phone and tells him to stay put, not look for the bag, and not to go into the jewellery store as the owner has a gun. She bangs the wall in frustration and a butterfly resting inside the bathroom takes flight and Savi lets it flutter out the window.

She then comes out of the bathroom and the old uncle points to her untied shoelace which she ties up and runs once again. She first calls her father and apologises to him for picking Satya and approves of his decision to date Yash.

After making peace, she gets into Jacob’s cab and tells him that if he loves Julia, he’s got to fight for her and urges him to drive to her place. Jacob is flabbergasted at this development but obliges as he wants his girlfriend back.

Meanwhile, Satya still decides to rob the store and enters it with his face covered. However, Mamlesh recognises him from the time he came to buy the ring. He covers the store’s windows with blinds and has a talk with him.

The two make a deal that Satya should rob the store, return half the money and the insurance company will make Mamlesh richer. Satya takes the cash, hits Mamlesh on the head to make it seem like a real crime, and calls the police. As he prepares to leave, Appu video calls Mamlesh, claiming that he’s been kidnapped.

Elsewhere, Savi takes Jacob to Julia, reunites them and tells them to elope. Savi instead wears the wedding dress, takes the bag with money envelopes and runs away after leaving the groom at the altar. This time officer David sees her but doesn’t chase after her thinking she’s just late for her wedding.

Savi incidentally reaches a casino and decides to try and win the money. She buys chips from the wedding envelopes and plays the roulette, which she does wins. Back at the store, Mamlesh turns on Satya and demands the money back as he needs it to save his son.

Before anything can happen, Gappu (wearing a mask) enters the store holding Appu at gunpoint. As the brothers act out this fake hostage situation, they still end up giving away their identity. Mamlesh tries to shoot Satya nevertheless but realises that he has no bullets in his gun.

Satya takes this opportunity to pick up his own gun, reminds them about calling the police and steps out. Much to his dismay, the cops are already gathered outside the store but mistake him for a regular customer and let him go.

Things further work out in Satya’s favour when Mamlesh tries to shoot him from inside the store and the police open fire on the owners in return. Satya runs for it and meets up with Savi and the two hug. She finally proposes to him and reveals that she is pregnant.

As Victor makes his way to get his money, the butterfly that Savi had let out, flies around him and distracts him, causing him to drive to the spot where the duo is hugging. Satya hands the money from the jewellery store to him and Victor is impressed. He gives him his share and lets him keep the gun.

The film concludes with a whole load of positives as Julia and Jacob discover Savi has left them some cash while driving away, her former groom finds someone who loves him, Mamlesh shows he cares for his sons as he tries to protect them when they’re being shot upon, Atul and Yash bond over the fact that Savi approves of them, and the old uncle unexpectedly gets up from his wheelchair and starts walking.

The final scene sees Satya noticing the stranger who escaped with the original bag and chases after him as Savi exclaims, “Oh no! not again”.

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