Leslie Clevenger: Unstable character explained

Leslie Clevenger is the troubled therapist appointed by the board to help Ellis get over his problems but seems to have issues of his own to work with. The character is portrayed by Fred Armisen.

Anna keeps questioning Ellis about the board-appointed therapist that seems to have just disappeared and Ellis finally admits that he kidnapped the man and forced him to stay in his basement.

He says that Leslie promised to send an unflattering review of his mental state to the board unless Ellis paid him a huge sum of money and after he was paid, he asked for more so Ellis had to do something drastic and kidnapped him.

She tells Jackson about this and when they go to check up on Leslie, they see that Leslie and Ellis are getting along very well and Ellis has actually helped Leslie since his wife left him recently.

Anna tells him he can leave and they won’t reveal that he extorted Ellis for money but Leslie soon returns because he built a close bond with Ellis and misses him deeply.

Leslie Clevenger: Unstable character explained 1
Leslie and Ellis have a fun time living together

An unwelcome house guest

Leslie moves back into the basement of Ellis’s house and they have a lot of fun initially, even though Jackson finds him very weird. However, Leslie soon becomes a nuisance as he hosts parties all night and becomes quite a freeloader.

Ellis and Jackson decide that it’s time for Leslie to go and they come up with ways to get rid of him. They finally use the stinking concrete substitute created in the red lab but Leslie catches them applying it on the walls and figures out what they’re doing.

He feels betrayed by Ellis and leaves, calling Jean in the process to talk about his kidnapping and helping her get rid of Ellis as the CEO. Jackson tries to win him over by getting him back together with his wife but when that doesn’t work, he lets Leslie move back in with his choice of room in the house.

Leslie showcases throughout the series that he’s inadequate at therapy and in fact, he gets more help from Ellis even though it’s supposed to be the other way around.

He’s extremely needy and oblivious which doesn’t inspire much confidence in the people that meet him.

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