Leo Pap’s death in Kaleidoscope explained

Leo Pap is the primary lead and mastermind behind the heist in Kaleidoscope and he meets an unfortunate end in the series.

While Leo draws in his crew with the promise of 7 billion dollars, he has more personal motives for carrying out this heist and despite accomplishing his personal agenda, things don’t necessarily turn out the way he would have hoped for.

A saddening betrayal

Leo Pap’s original name is Ray Vernon and he used to work with his friend, Graham Davies, as they robbed wealthy people of their valuables. Graham would distract the targets while Leo would break into their houses and rob them.

Leo feels the risk of the jobs catching up to him and he wants to bow out from the life. He informs Graham of his decision and Graham regretfully accepts it even though he doesn’t want to give up just yet.

Leo opens up a legitimate business and lives a normal life with his wife, Lily, and daughter, Hannah. When Lily is humiliated and fired from her bookkeeping job at a social club, Leo takes it personally and decides to pull one more job with Graham.

Leo Pap's death in Kaleidoscope explained 1
Leo and Roger plan how they’re going to steal the jewels

They plan to steal the jewellery that will be on display at the charity auction hosted at the club. Unfortunately for them, Lily is called back in to work on an emergency and she ends up being there as well.

When things go haywire, Graham starts a fire as a distraction to help them escape. Lily gets trapped in the fire and Graham and Leo rush back in to find her.

They do find the room she’s in but Leo isn’t able to get to her. He asks Graham to save her but Graham is worried about his safety so he runs away instead, leaving Leo to accompany Lily to the hospital and eventually get arrested for the robbery.

A measure of revenge

After escaping from prison, Leo asks Ava to connect him with his estranged daughter. He reaches out to her but she isn’t ready to rebuild their relationship.

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Leo tries to reconnect with his daughter

He finds out that she’s working for a man named Roger Salas but when he sees that man, he realises that it’s actually Graham. He sends Hannah a letter explaining exactly who he is while also coming up with a plan to get his revenge.

He sets his plan in motion to rob Roger’s vault with some help from Hannah and while they get in without too much trouble, they don’t get out with the bonds as Hannah calls an audible and steals them from under their noses.

She tells him that she did it to protect him from the Triplets who are extremely dangerous people and she knew that she couldn’t talk him out of it.

Leo doesn’t escape with the bonds but before he leaves, he leaves behind one of the necklaces from the club robbery in Roger’s personal vault. When the FBI asks him to open his vault, they find the necklace and he is sentenced to prison for grand larceny and other charges.

A tragic demise

6 months after the heist, Leo is living in hiding with Ava while his Parkinson’s has gotten worse. He doesn’t reveal the fact that Hannah is the one who stole the bonds from them and avoids everyone else trying to get in touch with him.

Bob manages to survive and tracks down Leo and Ava for revenge and while he uses them to find out where Judy and Stan are, he leaves his henchperson behind to keep watch over them.

As they’re trying to escape, a gunfight breaks out and Ava is shot dead. Leo mourns her death and realises that he doesn’t have much to live on for.

Leo Pap's death in Kaleidoscope explained 3
The former partners have one last opportunity to talk

He visits Roger in prison one last time to let him know why he did what he did and talks to Hannah so that he can get his thoughts off his chest. As he’s walking through the park sometime later, a hooded individual walks up behind him and murders him.

That individual turns out to be Roger’s son, who is hurting because Leo’s responsible for taking his father away from him. His identity isn’t explicitly revealed but the hooded figure is wearing the exact same t-shirt as Roger’s son in an earlier scene.

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