Leia: The Idol character explained

In The Idol, while Jocelyn instantly takes a liking to Tedros, Leia, her assistant, does not trust him, for good reason. Rachel Sennott plays the role of Leia.

Leia is not just Jocelyn’s assistant but also her best friend. However, she is reminded by Jocelyn’s managers that she works for Jocelyn and is not really her friend. She lives with Jocelyn and is supposed to take care of all her needs.

Due to that, Jocelyn’s managers expect her to know everything about Jocelyn’s life. When Jocelyn’s private photograph gets leaked, they ask her about the person who leaked the photograph. Leia is also held responsible for the scandal.

A friend and an employee

Apart from Jocelyn’s managers, Tedros also does not believe that Leia is truly Jocelyn’s best friend. The fact that she gets paid to be with Jocelyn makes everyone doubt their friendship.

They are not entirely wrong, as unlike Jocelyn’s other friends, Leia always has to be in control when she goes with Jocelyn, as she has to keep an eye on her. She cannot drink and party like the others.

When they visit Tedros’ club, Leia has to focus on Jocelyn, but that changes when Izaak approaches her and dances with her. After that day, she starts talking to him. She likes him, but it turns out that Izaak is trained by Tedros.

Furthermore, Jocelyn feels like the people around her do not tell her the truth because she is famous. When she asks Leia for her opinion on her new song, Leia tells her that her song is good, but she fails to convince her, as it sounds like she is just trying to reassure her.

The Idol Leia
Leia tries to reassure Jocelyn

Distractions and suspicions 

From the very beginning, Leia does not like Tedros, but Jocelyn is taken with him. She invites him to her house twice, and the second time he brings along his friends, including Izaak. 

Tedros also makes Leia do drugs, and Izaak keeps her occupied while Tedros spends time with Jocelyn without getting interrupted by Leia. However, Leia still asks Izaak about how he knows Tedros and is surprised to learn that Tedros is his manager.

Jocelyn was earlier questioned about Tedros by Chaim, so when she hears Chloe and Izaak sing later that night, she gets even more suspicious of Tedros. As Jocelyn grows closer to him and starts trusting him more and more, Leia grows wary of him. It is evident that the two of them do not like each other.

Eventually, when Tedros falsely accuses Jocelyn’s ex-boyfriend of sexual assault, Leia tries to inform Jocelyn about it and get her to do some damage control. Jocelyn does not listen to her and so Leia decides to quit her job. She moves out of Jocelyn’s house, leaving behind nothing but a letter for Jocelyn.

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