Kimber Mia: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained

Kimber Mia is a young star who is cast in Oliver’s play and appears to have a romantic entanglement with Ben before his death. The character is played by Ashley Park.

Kimber Mia is part of the cast of “Death Rattle” and right from the first read-through, Ben begins to flirt with her. References to a romance between them are made often, and Ben alludes to it himself at the afterparty.

He apologizes to her for “making things messy” and promises to make up for it. During Ben’s funeral, Gregg questions whether Kimber could be a suspect because of her complicated relationship with Ben.

Perhaps a woman scorned

Kimber isn’t too thrilled about Oliver’s idea to turn the play into a musical and she tells Charles to pass along the message that the cast refuses to do the musical.

However, while watching Loretta perform, she is inspired and joins in. She sings beautifully but her voiceover suggests that she might be threatened by Loretta’s talent and might do something about it.

Kimber Mia: Only Murders in the Building season 3 character explained 1
Kimber Mia sees Loretta as a potential rival on stage

Add to that, when Charles compliments her singing and once again brings up the hankies that Ben gave, Kimber says that she misplaced hers or gave it off, which immediately makes her a major suspect in his eyes.

Simply an entrepreneur

When Mabel and Oliver check out the theatre, they find Kimber there with all of her products. Mabel decides to question Kimber about her relationship with Ben.

Kimber admits that she did try to get close to Ben, but it was because she needed his public persona to sell her products. She had tried to get him to promote it on his social media but he backed out at the last minute.

She also mentions that she ended up selling the hankie she got online for a few hundred bucks so that could at least get something out of it.

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