Kencho: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained

In Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Kencho is Tendo’s best friend who supports him all the time and stands up for him. Shuntaro Yanagi plays Kencho.

Kencho and Tendo share the triumphs and tears of college football. Even after college, they are in touch and are best friends, but a certain match that they lost still haunts their friendship.

Anyhow, the two fix their differences and come to aid each other. Kencho believes in Tendo like no one else, even when Tendo dreams of something as silly as being a superhero.

Apart from that, much like Tendo, Kencho looks forward to living a lively life. He is good at making conversations with anyone, especially girls, a skill that Tendo lacks.

According to Shizuka, both Kencho and Tendo are taking the apocalypse lightly. It is later that she understands that there could be no tomorrow and that they are trying to live the best of their lives before becoming zombie food.

Differences between Kencho & Tendo

Before the apocalypse, Kencho and Tendo end up fighting and parting ways when Tendo gets jealous of Kencho’s work life. Tendo mentions the college football match that they lost, which starts the fight.

Tendo blames Kencho for that loss, as he kept bungling opportunities to throw the ball during that match. The fact that Tendo is still upset about it makes Kencho angry. 

Kencho: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead character explained 1
Kencho remembers his fight with Tendo and the football match they lost

After the apocalypse, when Tendo finds himself alone, he misses Kencho and calls him. Kencho is trapped in a love hotel. Upon learning that his best friend is alive, Tendo leaves to rescue him and makes meeting his best friend and apologizing to him properly one of the wishes on his bucket list.

While Tendo is on his way, Kencho is reminded of the football match that they lost when he realizes that his building is filled with zombies everywhere. The first thing Tendo does after finally reuniting with Kencho is apologize to him. In turn, Kencho apologizes to him too.

Kencho makes up for his mistakes

Moving on, Kencho supports Tendo’s dreams, and together they try to finish Tendo’s bucket list. At the Marine Paradise Aquarium, when Tendo is forced back into working for Kosugi, Kencho feels useless for not being able to help his friend and puts effort into bringing the old Tendo back.

Tendo eventually quits working for Kosugi, thanks to Shizuka’s encouragement. Tendo, Kencho, and Shizuka then work together to defeat a swarm of zombies and a zombie shark that appear at the aquarium.

During the fight with the zombie shark, Kencho is again haunted by the memories of the same college football match that they lost when he is required to throw the batteries Tendo needs.

This time, Kencho overcomes his fears and manages to throw them in time, allowing Tendo to beat the zombie shark. In the end, Tendo lets Shizuka and Kencho write their wishes on the bucket list. Kencho writes that he wishes to be a comedian and make people laugh. 

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