Kazushi Tatsuishi: My Happy Marriage character explained

Kazushi Tatsuishi is the eldest son and the present head of the Tatsuishi family in My Happy Marriage. The character is voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi.

Having great supernatural powers that enable him to lift off curses from people, and if he tries harder, even the corpses, Kazushi Tatsuishi is a man of talents and a distinct persona.

The good egg

The Tatsuishi family shown in My Happy Marriage thus far is comprised of Minoru Tatsuishi, the head and the patriarch of the family; Kazushi Tatsuishi, the elder son of the family; and Koji Tatsuishi, the youngest son.

Minoru is obsessed with kidnapping Miyo Saimori to have her marry his family and lend them the chance to re-establish their former glory, thanks to her latent Usuba powers he is sure are there.

Koji, meanwhile, has been the only person with enough empathy who has seen Miyo as a human and an equal. He’s also had feelings for her ever since their childhood but he fails to marry her when his father arranges his marriage to be with Kaya, Miyo’s younger half-sister.

Kazushi Tatsuishi powers My Happy Marriage
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Kazushi is only shown in glimpses at first but it’s clear from those very fleeting scenes that he’s a carefree, loose, and free-spirited kind of individual.

He also appears to be somewhat aloof and keeps a merry disposition even as Koji struggles to undo the bindings that his father put on him. However, Kazushi is shown to be very different from his father.

While Minoru is heartless and cruel, Kazushi shows kindness and encourages Koji to man up and be brave. He unbinds him with ease and sends him off to do what he can to save the girl he loves and cares for.

Eccentric new leader

After the kidnapping of Miyo, Minoru learns that he should’ve known better than to take on the enmity of a man as reputably mighty as Kiyoko Kudo.

His attempts at kidnapping Miyo and forcing her to marry into his family are foiled and all his gifted attacks at Kudo fail to deliver even an iota of impact. Kudo decimated the head of the Tatsuishi family without breaking a sweat.

Following that incident, the Tatsuishi family’s reputation takes a hit and there is an instant reshuffling and rearranging of hierarchies. Minoru is nowhere to be seen after the incident. Kazushi takes on the role of the head of the family.

The family has to follow the guidance of the Kudos after the incident and Kazushi happily accepts this bit of development and addresses it in front of Imperial Prince Takaihito. He also apologizes as the head for what his family contributed to, thanks to his father.

In spite of his hierarchical accent within his family, Kazushi Tatsuishi is no different from before. He still acts in a rather carefree manner and he even turns up to meet the prince in a tacky outfit that seems much more informal. He also is the same happy man he was before.

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