Kate Galvin: You season 4 part 1 character explained

In You season 4 part 1, Joe is forced to keep a low profile as Jonathan Moore, but a glance at his neighbor’s girlfriend, Kate Galvin, brings out his old self again. Charlotte Ritchie plays Kate.

Joe is gifted a new life by Ray Quinn’s assassin, Elliot Tannenberg, as Jonathan Moore. He works as a professor at a university and keeps things to himself to make sure no one identifies him.

No matter how much he tries, some people, like his colleague and neighbor, Malcolm Harding, just can’t stay away from him. Malcolm tries hard to be Joe’s friend, much to his dismay.

Joe finally finds someone with whom he desperately wants to form a connection, in the form of Kate Galvin, but he just can’t. The first time he sees Kate is from his window. He peeps into Malcolm’s house and notices her there.

Joe wonders who this girl is and if she is Malcolm’s girlfriend. Before he could think about her any further, he stops himself right there from being obsessed with her. He reminds himself that he has to keep a low profile and not get involved.

Kate Galvin’s background

Joe stays away from Malcolm and Kate, but he can’t help but look into who Kate is and what she does. A dive into the social media accounts of Malcolm Harding helps Joe find Kate Galvin’s account.

Kate Galvin: You season 4 part 1 character explained 1
Kate tells Joe about her past

Kate has very little online presence. She dedicates her accounts only to her work. She is a gallerist, an art lover, and has never been married. She appears to be the daughter of Greta Galvin, a free-spirited ’90s model who is now a spiritual stylist in Ibiza.

Joe assesses that she grew up to be her mother’s opposite. Unlike her, Kate is focused and ambitious. While Malcolm is mostly partying out there, she spends more time working.

Kate and Malcolm’s relationship

Observing Kate and Malcolm results in Joe finding out that they are dating but are not exactly happy together. Joe sees her pleasing herself, and when Malcolm dies and someone starts framing Joe for it, he starts investigating and finds secrets that Malcolm has been hiding.

Apparently, Malcolm was dating other women while also being with Kate. One of his dates also includes Joe’s student, Nadia, with whom he shared an intimate relationship. Kate always knew about his affairs and didn’t care.

Kate’s personality and her relationship with her mother

As mentioned, Kate is ambitious, smart, and independent. She is unlike most of her friends, who live off of their parent’s money. She doesn’t miss anything and isn’t exactly humble when she first meets Joe, who saves her from some robbers.

Kate continues to be cold toward Joe and behaves terribly with him. Joe even rules her out as a possible suspect in Malcolm’s death because of his affairs.

Joe first starts noticing Kate’s other side when they go to confront Simon’s assistant, who ruined his show. Kate acts terribly with her in front of him and everyone else but helps this assistant in secret.

Due to Kate’s alert nature, Joe’s stalker starts seeing her as a threat. He encourages Joe to take care of her and get her out of their way. Joe instead starts protecting her, deducing that she is the stalker’s next target, and in the process, he and Kate come close to each other.

Kate and Joe start understanding each other more and more. During one of their conversations, Kate reveals how her mother forbade her from crying. Even when her grandparents died, her mother didn’t look at her unless she was perfectly stoic.

Kate’s relationship with her father

At Lady Phoebe’s country house, Kate gets called out for pretending she is not like her friends. Joe then realizes that there is something that he doesn’t know about Kate.

Later, while everyone is busy playing a murder mystery game, Kate tells Joe what just went down at the dinner table. She reveals that her father is Tom Lockwood. Joe doesn’t know who he is, and his research didn’t give away anything about Kate’s father.

Kate continues with her story and says that Lockwood is known as an activist investor, corporate raider, butcher, Attila, and Solomon. There isn’t an industry he hasn’t had his hand on, and he is, in fact, one of the most powerful men in the world.

Kate Galvin: You season 4 part 1 character explained 2
Kate shares with Joe who her father is

Apparently, Kate’s family is wealthier than any of her friends’ families. She doesn’t go by her father’s name because she doesn’t like the way he makes money by stripping businesses for parts and destroying workers’ lives for shareholders’ profits.

If that isn’t enough, he is also involved in backroom deals to police protesters and clearing a CEO’s record of sexual assault. He paid to have well-water toxicity reports falsified, and because of that, several children got cancer while the company made 400 million pounds.

Kate goes on to say that he is the worst man on the planet and that she is his favorite daughter. Kate parted ways with her father when she was 20.

The security guards sent to Lady Phoebe’s house are her father’s. They are here to keep an eye on her and protect her from the Eat the Rich Killer.

When Joe later finds Kate with Gemma’s body, she claims that she isn’t the killer, but she doesn’t want everyone to learn about this either because her father will once again play his moves. He will own her from that point on.

Joe is then forced to team up with Kate to get rid of Gemma’s body, while the rest of their friends start suspecting that Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer.

Do Kate and Joe end up together?

Kate and Joe work well together, and she is the one who pulls him and Roald out of the dungeon they were trapped in by the Eat the Rich Killer.

After the whole debacle at Lady Phoebe’s country house, Kate visits Joe, offering him some clothes. She even asks him out. Joe, in his heart, wants to say yes, but his past stops him from doing so.

Though Kate says that she can accept him for who he is, Joe knows how dangerous it is for her to know his past, and she already knows much about him. Thus, Joe decides not to go out with her, and she leaves disappointed.

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