Kang In-han: Hierarchy character explained

Kang In-han, Kang Ha’s brother, died while he was a student at Jooshin. In Hierarchy, Kim Min-Chul plays In-han.

Kang In-han and Kang Ha are fraternal twins. As Ha was adopted by their uncle, who did not have any children, the brothers do not live together. 

In-han gets a scholarship to study at Jooshin High, the most prestigious school in the country. However, life at Jooshin turns out to be nothing like what he imagined.

In-han is bullied daily, and he tells his brother Ha all about it. Eventually, In-han dies in a hit-and-run accident. 

Ha was on the phone with In-han when he died. What Ha finds suspicious about his death is the fact that the school goes to great lengths to cover up the accident.

To find out what happened to his brother and expose his bullies, Ha enrolls at Jooshin without informing anyone that he is In-han’s brother.

Befriending Jae-i

Like all scholarship students, In-han is bullied by the wealthy students of Jooshin. One day, while running from his bullies, he hides in the theater room. 

There, he overhears Jae-i talking to her half-brother, Jae-hyeok, who has recorded a compromising video of Jae-i and Ri-an. 

Jae-hyeok uses the video to blackmail Jae-i, asking her to sign over everything that she is going to inherit from their father to him. 

When Jae-hyeok leaves, In-han comforts Jae-i. He helps distract Jae-i by watching a film with her until Ri-an and the bullies find them together.

Hierarchy Kang In-han
In-han comforts Jae-i

In-han and Jae-i become good friends. In-han assures her that she can trust him and that he will support her as a friend. 

In-han and Jae-i’s friendship makes Ri-an jealous. As a result, the students who want to please Ri-an start bullying In-han even more. 

Jae-i is aware of the bullying that In-han is subjected to, but she does nothing to stop it. In-han continues to be tortured by the bullies until he cannot take it anymore.

In-han decides to expose the abuse that takes place at Jooshin and how the faculty enables it by not taking any action against the bullies.

In-han’s death

In-han attends Woo-jin’s birthday party with a pen camera tucked in his jacket, intending to gather evidence against the bullies. 

As In-han had expected, he gets bullied at the party. Once he has footage of the bullies beating him up, he tries to leave.

However, Jae-i approaches him and confides in him about her pregnancy. When she notices the pen camera, she gets scared and questions In-han’s motives.

Jae-i does not stop In-han from running away when the bullies find him. In-han then stumbles upon Ms. Han kissing Woo-jin. In-han panics and runs out. 

While Woo-jin stops the bullies from following In-han, Ms. Han goes after him to prevent him from telling anyone about her relationship with Woo-jin.

Crying, In-han calls Ha, but he never gets to tell his brother about what happened, as In-han is hit by a car driven by Ms. Han, who then flees the scene. 

The accident kills In-han and is covered up by Woo-jin. However, Ha finishes what In-han set out to accomplish.

Ha not only exposes the bullying of scholarship students but also manages to bring Ms. Han to justice once he gets In-han’s pen camera.

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