Kandasamys: The Baby summary and ending explained

In Kandasamys: The Baby, Prishen and Jodi are having a baby. Knowing how Shanthi and Jennifer can be, they are staying well-prepared. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Shanthi and Jennifer are sharing the good news of becoming grandmothers everywhere. While Shanthi is looking forward to a granddaughter, Jennifer is hoping for a grandson.

The two are keen to hold their grandchild in their arms and take care of it once it is born. They are also excited to guide their children through the next phase of their lives with their individual plans. Hence, they and their families are heading to Mauritius to meet their children.

Prishen and Jodi are well aware of how their mothers can be. Hence, they have come up with plans that will keep their parents away from them.

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However, the moment Shanthi and Jennifer arrive in Mauritius, they figure out that Jodi is in labor and storm into her hospital room. They meet their granddaughter, but at the same time, they are struck with the news that they won’t be staying with Prishen and Jodi.

Prishen has booked a tour for the Kandasamys and Naidoos. They won’t be anywhere near the baby or them. Shanthi and Jennifer are sour about it. They think Prishen and Jodi know nothing about caring for a baby right now, and this is a life-changing moment for them as they have become grandmothers now.

What hurts them more is that Jodi and Prishen’s neighbor, Anjali, is allowed to be around the baby but not them. Shanthi and Jennifer are not going to let this happen. They devise a plan. Jennifer pays the tour guide, Moothoo, to take them to Jodi and Prishen’s residence.

Shanthi and Jennifer arrive and start controlling Prishen and Jodi’s lives, giving them unwanted guidance. Prishen seeks Elvis and Preggie’s help. They promise Prishen to be there for him.

This time, Elvis pays Moothoo to keep them busy on the tour, while Jennifer fails to figure out what has gotten into Moothoo. Elvis’ mother and Jennifer’s mother-in-law, Aya, also plays a part in this.

At Prishen and Jodi’s, Jennifer and Elvis further overwhelm Jodi by passing on their business empire to her and her daughter. Not long after that, Shanthi and Jennifer plan the naming ceremony without even getting Jodi and Prishen’s permission.

Jennifer and Shanthi even befriend Anjali, if that’s what it takes to be near their granddaughter. Jodi, on her side, keeps feeling lost all the time. Anyhow, the naming ceremony is carried on beautifully. Prishen and Jodi name their daughter Arya.

Amidst all of this, Shanthi also deals with her younger son, Desan, who is involved in a bullying incident at school. It turns out that he is the bully.

Kandasamys: The Baby ending explained in detail:

What is happening to Jodi?

While Jennifer, Shanthi, and Anjali take care of the baby, Jodi keeps getting lost in her own thoughts. Even her face suggests that she is depressed and worried about something.

Jodi eventually confesses to Prishen that she doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother anymore, and it has nothing to do with Jennifer and Shanthi. She starts researching postpartum depression, and Prishen stays by her side through all of this.

Does the family fall apart?

Jennifer assumes that the food that Jodi cooked for them was actually made by Anjali after stalking Anjali on social media. Sick of Prishen and Jodi lying to them, Jennifer and Shanthi confront them.

Jennifer says that Prishen and Jodi don’t want them around because they don’t want their inadequacies to be seen. The topic of Jennifer forcing their business on Jodi and how Shanthi treats Desan is brought up and the conversation ends in arguments.

Jennifer later confesses in front of Elvis’ mother, Aya, that she just wants to be there for her child and help her. Aya wasn’t there for her when she was a new mother; all Aya did was criticize her.

Does everyone reconcile?

Anjali calls Jennifer and lets her know that Jodi cooked that food the other day; she only taught Jodi how to do that. Aya asks for forgiveness from Jennifer.

Jodi and Prishen reach out to a therapist. Jennifer and Elvis come to the conclusion that they don’t want to force their business on their daughter and her child.

Jennifer realizes that Jodi will make a great mother without her. After all, Jodi was taking care of her mother when she was working all day. Jennifer and Elvis allow Jodi to make a decision for herself: she can either keep the business or sell it; it’s up to her.

Back home, Shanthi seeks forgiveness from Desan for treating him like an unloved child and always comparing him to his brother. She gives him the room he wants, but because of the bullying incident, he will be grounded for a month. Only after that can he stay here.

A year later, the Kandasamys and Naidoos celebrate Arya’s first birthday. Prishen and Jodi acknowledge the sacrifices their parents have made for them. They admit that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but their parents do come close to being that.

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