Junior Evans: Good Times (2024) character explained

In Good Times (2024), Junior Evans is the teenage son of Beverly and Reggie. Jay Pharoah voices Junior Evans.

Junior Evans is an artist who is into painting. At the same time, he is weak academically and socially, which worries his parents, especially Reggie. After all, Junior has repeated the tenth grade three times.

Earlier in the series, Reggie and Beverly attempt to get Junior to focus on his studies through some drugs. That puts Junior against his sister, Grey, who has always believed that she is the smartest.

To defeat Junior, she gets rid of those pills. Later on, even Junior accepts that focus is a monster and lets it go to focus on his art.

Towards the end of the series, Junior attempts to find love, and he does so in the form of gang member Skoochie’s sister, Smooché.

To be with the girl he loves, Junior joins Skoochie’s gang, and that decision changes him forever.

Life turned around

After joining Skoochie’s gang, Junior goes through a huge transformation. The reclusive Junior becomes more commanding and ruthless. Junior also bulks up in size.

There is a striking difference between the artsy Junior and the gangster Junior. To prove his worth and maintain his reputation, Junior never says no to a job.

Junior Evans: Good Times (2024) character explained 1
Junior changes completely after joining Skoochie’s gang

Things change for Smooché, who doesn’t appreciate Junior going as far as to kill someone. To her very best, she attempts to convince Junior not to take this step, but Junior doesn’t listen.

This leads Smooché to be one of the people targeting Junior to stop him from making this mistake.

Junior is shot, but on one of his ears. He loses one of his earlobes, but he survives. The incident brings the Evans together. They had all gone different ways near the end of the finale.

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