Sister Julia & Mother Superior: Sister Death characters explained

In Sister Death, Sister Julia and Mother Superior run the convent-turned-school that Narcisa joins. Maru Valdivielso plays Julia, while Luisa Merelas plays Mother Superior.

Sister Julia and Mother Superior both treat Narcisa’s arrival differently when she first comes to the school. Mother Superior is extremely happy to have Narcisa here. They have heard about the Holy Girl of Peroblasco. She is delighted that Narcisa is joining them.

Sister Julia, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same enthusiasm about having Sister Narcisa. She takes Narcisa under her wing. Julia never speaks against Mother Superior, even though she questions Narcisa.

When Sister Narcisa investigates the strange events at the school, Sister Julia warns her not to listen to the children’s stories and support their imaginations.

Sister Narcisa doesn’t stop, which leads Sister Julia to accuse Narcisa of being here just to solve another mystery and make another miracle come true. Julia believes that Narcisa is here to just become popular and be in the newspapers again. Unlike others, Sister Julia doesn’t think Sister Narcisa saw anything holy as a child.

Sister Julia and Mother Superior’s fate

Sister Narcisa’s investigation leads her to find out that Sister Socorro and her daughter’s spirit haunt the school, and Mother Superior and Sister Julia are responsible for their deaths.

Sister Julia & Mother Superior: Sister Death characters explained 1
Sister Julia and Mother Superior plan to keep Sister Socorro’s daughter a secret

In an attempt to keep the truth about Sister Socorro’s child a secret, Mother Superior and Sister Julia, along with Sister Sagrario, lost Sister Socorro’s daughter, while Sister Socorro hung herself to death after losing her child.

Sister Narcisa, with her powers, allows Sister Socorro to take her revenge. Socorro’s spirit kills Sister Julia and Mother Superior and then reunites with her child.

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