Jubilee Part 2 summary and ending explained

Jubilee Part 2 sees the rise of Jay Khanna and the fall of Madan Kumar, but it is not just their lives that are affected by their careers. The second part is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When Binod, also known as Madan Kumar, refused to star in Jay’s film, Jay had no choice but to become an actor himself. Jay directs and acts at the same time, but it is not easy managing everything on his own with limited staff, even though he has Walia’s support.

On the other hand, Binod is still haunted by Jamshed’s death. His doctor advises him that a change of place might help, and Binod takes his family as well as a writer, Asghar, to spend some time in Mussoorie.

Binod decides to make a film based on his nightmares and his guilt related to Jamshed’s death. He discusses his ideas with Asghar, who will be writing and directing this film. 

Binod is still under scrutiny by the Russians and Jotwani. He is not aware that his hotel room has been bugged and that Maqsood has been listening to everything.

Jay and Niloufer get into an argument on the set. Later, once Jay apologizes to Niloufer, the shooting of the rest of the film goes smoothly. Niloufer even starts developing feelings for Jay, who is engaged to Kiran. 

When the film gets announced, Sumitra finally finds Jay Khanna, the person she has been looking for, and comes to meet him. Jay does not tell her that he witnessed Jamshed’s death but admits that Jamshed is probably dead.

Niloufer finds out that Binod is in Mussoorie, so she goes to stay at the same hotel as him. When Binod runs into her, he asks her to help Asghar with the script, and she agrees. While working with her, Binod starts liking her and ends up cheating on Ratna with her.

Jay’s film, Taxi Driver, gets released, and Jay’s passion wins Raghu’s heart. While Jay does not become a star overnight, the film receives good reviews, and Walia is ready to finance Jay’s next film as well.

However, Niloufer, who is busy with Binod in Mussoorie, never reaches out to Jay after the film. Due to this, Jay decides to make his next film with Sumitra, while Binod asks Niloufer to star in his film, Rajmahal.

Sumitra is ready to star in Jay’s next film, but she also tells Walia about a party that the Russians are throwing. Since Walia is a producer now, he should find a way to get invited to the party, as the Russians are looking to invest in a star, and Jay could be that star.

To impress the Russians, Walia announces a film called Mazdoor. He even convinces Jay to write the story, but Jay wants to make a film called Baiju Awara with Sumitra first. Jotwani and the Russians accept his condition, and Soviet Film offers to finance his next three films.

To keep his affair with Niloufer a secret, Binod asks Asghar and Niloufer to pretend to be a couple. Niloufer and Binod both attend the party thrown by the Russians, where Sumitra tells Walia and Jay the truth about their relationship.

Jay gets drunk and humiliates Niloufer in front of Binod. When he mentions Jamshed’s name, Jay and Binod get into a fight. At the party, Sumitra also hands over the recorded conversations between Binod and Niloufer to a journalist, Ganguly.

When the news of their affair breaks out, Roy decides to change the story of Rajmahal to protect Binod’s image, much to Asghar’s disappointment. The film gets ruined, and as Asghar had feared, Rajmahal flops.

On the other hand, there is a lot of excitement about Baiju Awara. To make sure that it does not perform well financially, Roy steals a copy of the film and distributes the duplicates everywhere. 

However, this works in Jay’s favor. Due to the wide distribution of the film, Jay gets recognized as an actor by the public. Jay finally becomes a star, and he is no longer in debt.

When Ratna discovers Binod’s infidelity, she is hurt that her husband has changed. She does not leave him, but their relationship is not the same. 

Binod also realizes that Niloufer loves him only because he is a star and that she believes Jamshed was better than him. Due to this and the poor performance of Rajmahal, Binod breaks up with Niloufer.

At the success party of Baiju Awara, Niloufer runs out when she realizes that she has lost Binod. Jay follows her and comforts her. He confesses his love for her and asks her to give him one chance. Niloufer finally agrees.

Madan is in need of money, but Roy Talkies does not have any because Roy frequently loses money in gambling or in the stock market.

While Jay and Niloufer have been growing closer, Jay’s father starts getting anxious about his engagement with Kiran. Additionally, Roy invites Jay to meet him and introduces him to an American technology called Cinemascope. He asks Jay to work with him.

Jay wants to take this offer, which means he will be upsetting the likes of Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians who have been investing in his films. Jay agrees to work with Roy, but Walia is not ready to do the same, and the two decide to part ways. 

The detective, Dilawar Kapoor, who had seen Binod hitting Jamshed before his death and had taken their pictures, gets caught by the police in another unrelated case. He tells the police about Binod’s involvement in Jamshed’s death to save himself. 

The police contact Sumitra, who finds out that Roy never told her about the pictures when she was planning to file a case against Binod. She was not able to file a case because of lack of proof; the proof that Roy had all along.

When she confronts Roy about it, he shows her the compromising pictures that he has of her and Vladimir Sayadyants together. He also tells her that he destroyed Binod and Jamshed’s pictures a long time ago.

Sumitra is not ready to give up; she is still determined to destroy Binod, with or without Roy’s support. She will do anything to take away the identity of Madan Kumar from Binod.

Jubilee Part 2 ending explained in detail:

Why does Binod betray Roy?

When Binod starts feeling like Roy has been sidelining him, he decides to meet Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians. They play the recording of Roy and Jay’s conversation for him, and Roy is heard promising to make Jay his next star.

The Russians cannot back him as a star, as by now, Madan Kumar’s image is that of a man who fights the system. Since Binod is still under the control of Roy Talkies, the only way they can help him is if Roy Talkies does not exist anymore. 

Binod decides to secure his own future and betray Roy. He tells Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians that his younger brother, Naren, will be the next star, even though Naren wishes to be a singer. They can make propaganda films, and he will be their star.

What happens to Roy?

Binod pays Majumdar, Roy’s trusted employee, to cheat Roy and tell him that the prices of cotton are going to skyrocket, which makes Roy, who is already facing financial problems after Rajmahal, invest everything that he has in cotton stocks.

Then, Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians get the income tax department to raid Roy Talkies. Binod saves Roy from getting arrested but also tells him that he is the one who betrayed him and is behind all this. 

Roy knows that he has lost everything, but he does not regret his choice of not making propaganda films. Roy overdoses on pills and kills himself, leaving behind an envelope that contains pictures of Binod beating Jamshed for Sumitra.

Is Binod found guilty?

Sumitra tells Ganguly about Binod’s involvement in Jamshed’s murder, but the news never makes it to the paper because Binod is now being protected by powerful men like Jotwani. 

At Roy’s funeral, she shows the pictures that Roy left for her to Jay, who gets into a fight with Binod in public once again. Binod gets charged with murder and is arrested. Since he has the support of powerful men, he gets bailed out.

They even keep the media under their control and protect his public image because he has promised them that he will make his brother a star for them. Ratna helps Binod’s brother, Naren, who does not want to become an actor, run away from home.

Binod has been unable to find his brother, but he keeps lying to Jotwani because he needs his protection. The trial takes place, and when Binod tells the court that Jay was also there that night, Jay is called to the court to testify.

Jay tells Niloufer the whole truth about Jamshed’s death on the phone, and she asks him to lie in court if he wants to continue being a star; people do not want a hero who did not save his friend during the riots because he got scared. 

Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians possess a recording of this phone call, and Jay is asked to lie in court. Jay admits that he saw Binod hitting Jamshed, but he only did that to spare Jamshed a painful death because he could not have saved him in any way possible.

Due to Jay’s testimony, Binod is acquitted of all charges. The first time they met, Binod saved Jay from the police, and today, Jay has finally repaid his debt, and he tells Binod that he does not owe him anything anymore. 

What happens after the case?

Binod loses everything after the case. He has to leave his house with Ratna, as he is no longer a star. 

He does not even have the support of the Russians because he never finds Naren. Naren lost the jewelry that Ratna gave him and is now homeless. He sings at a railway station, and people leave spare coins for him. 

Roy had already gambled away the studio, and whatever was left, Sumitra had used that to fight the case and get justice for Jamshed. After losing the case, Sumitra kills herself, realizing a little too late that in her bid to destroy Binod, she destroyed herself as well. 

Does Jay marry Niloufer?

While Jay is in love with Niloufer, his father has started preparing for his wedding with Kiran. Raghu, who has been inspired by Jay to stand on his feet, sides with him instead of siding with Jotwani as he did before. 

Raghu advises him to do what he wants, and Jay proposes to Niloufer. The two decide to run away and get married, against the wishes of Jay’s family, but they do not know that Jotwani, Mullick, and the Russians have been listening to their conversations.

Jay sends Niloufer to Kashmir, where they will be getting married, and has plans to join her after giving his testimony in court. However, Jay’s father and Kiran’s father, Pratap Singh, who had helped Jay get the land to set up his studio, are given the recorded phone conversation.

They do not let Jay leave. Jay’s father reminds him that the Russians are not on his side anymore and that the Americans will not make a film with him if he gets involved in one more scandal. 

Jay only has his studio left, and if he does not marry Kiran, Pratap Singh will take it as well as his stardom from him. Jay is forced to choose between his dreams and his love for Niloufer. In the end, Jay chooses his dreams.

Niloufer, dressed as a bride, waits for Jay and keeps calling him, but he never shows up. Although Jay loves Niloufer, he eventually marries Kiran, and Niloufer is left all alone.

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