Johnny & General Abbot’s relationship in Sweet Tooth season 2 explained

In Sweet Tooth season 2, Johnny reveals that he is the younger brother of General Abbot, and that’s why Abbot expects a lot from him, although they are quite different.

In the second season of Sweet Tooth, when General Abbot leaves Essex County for an important meeting, he puts Johnny in charge of the place until he returns. While Johnny follows his elder brother’s ways, he is never as harsh as Abbot is.

Johnny also sees through people and knows when the hybrids are lying because he grew up with a brother like Abbot. Dr. Singh’s wife, Rani, is the one who sees that Johnny is more than what he shows.

Abbot never appreciates Johnny, though his brother always stays loyal to him and reports everything, even if he has messed up. The moment Abbot returns to Essex County, he takes away his brother’s badge.

After learning about minor changes and security breaches, he lets Johnny know that he always makes him regret trusting him. 

Johnny had gotten close to Rani and had allowed her to walk free without an escort. Since his brother is back, he is forced to tell her that he can’t let her walk alone now. In the same conversation, he reveals that General Abbot is his brother. 

Rani is left astonished, as she never imagined them to be brothers. Knowing how good of a person Johnny is, Rani questions why he lets Abbot treat him like this. Johnny discloses that Abbot is all he has, and he just can’t let him go.

Johnny and Abbot’s past

During a dinner with Abbot, Rani invites Johnny to join and reveals that she knows Johnny is from Abbot’s family. When Abbot wonders if Rani has had some hand in Dr. Singh’s success and Dr. Singh calls it a team effort, Rani claims that it works just the way Abbot’s relationship with Johnny works.

Abbot agrees and confesses that they were a duo when they were young. They had a musical outfit. Abbot strummed the guitar, and Johnny had an incredible voice. They thought they were going to be like Simon and Garfunkel.

They played open mics and talent shows. They even got into a fight once with the owner of the place they played at. That’s when their mother had a breakdown, and she made Abbot promise that he would take care of his little brother.

Johnny & General Abbot's relationship in Sweet Tooth season 2 explained 1
Abbot reminds Johnny how he protected him

Abbot took that seriously and joined the military so that his younger brother could pursue his passion. It was important for Abbot to not let Johnny lose that side of his. Unfortunately, the Sick came along and changed everything. Their mother died, and Abbot kept his promise by not leaving Johnny’s side.

As time goes by, Johnny starts looking past his relationship with his brother. He helps the hybrids, Rani, and Dr. Singh escape. Knowing that his brother is turning against him, Abbot is forced to remind him of their abusive father.

Whenever their father showed up when they were kids, Johnny used to tremble and hide from him until Abbot killed him one day, only for Johnny. Abbot says he protects Johnny because he is more human than he can ever be.

Johnny’s death

After arriving in Yellowstone, before Abbot and the Last Men can start their attack, Johnny confronts his brother with a gun, claiming that they can’t do this. Johnny attempts to convince his brother that there is no cure. He also confesses that he let Dr. Singh and Rani go.

Johnny claims that all of this is over; everyone knows it except for Abbot, who then corrects Johnny by telling him that it’s not about the virus or the cure; it’s about winning.

These words of his brother make Johnny shoot Abbot. It turns out that his gun is empty. In fact, Abbot never handed Johnny a loaded gun, fearing that his brother would get into an accident.

Abbot then lets Johnny go after telling him that he doesn’t need him anymore. Once Johnny starts walking back, Abbot shoots his brother down. Even though Johnny turned on him, Abbot orders the Last Men to bury him and make it nice once it’s all over.

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