Why does Jeong Su-Min hate Kang Ji-Won in Marry My Husband?

Jeong Su-Min, the primary antagonist in Marry My Husband, has stuck herself to Kang Ji-Won like a parasite all her life. Over the years, she steals everything from an unsuspecting Ji-Won that she thinks can make her happy.

Kang Ji-Won had led a most unfortunate life. With only one best friend in her life, she could always rely on Su-Min to be that friend who would never leave her and be by her side.

However, her world comes crumbling down when she finds out that Su-Min has been cheating with her husband and wants her dead.

Ji-Won dies as well, and soon she finds herself transported back in time where she now has the chance to take revenge on her husband and her best friend Su-Min.

However, Su-Min remains a relentless force of nature who would do anything to snatch and steal every bit of happiness that comes Ji-Won’s way.

In the latest episode of Marry My Husband, Ji-Won finally asks her why she keeps coming after her happiness, and Su-Min decides to show her true colors.

The reason

Jeong Su-Min’s father never really loved her or cared for her. He was almost indifferent to her growing up.

Eventually, he would run away with another woman, leaving her with her mother. She would message him but he’d have no time for her.

The woman he ran away with was none other than Kang Ji-Won’s mother.

Jeong Su-Min saw how her father had all the time for this woman but none for her.

This deprivation of fatherly love made her upset and angry. Later, she’d meet Ji-Won, the daughter of the woman her father was now in an affair with.

Su-Min befriended Ji-Won with the help of deception. Soon she became close to her.

Jeong Su-Min childhood Marry My Husband
A young Jeong Su-Min observing Ji-Won’s happiness

When Jeong Su-Min saw how Ji-Won’s father adored his daughter so much and how Ji-Won was so happy, it made her rife with envy.

Su-Min tells an adult Ji-Won that that was around the time that she decided to steal everything from Ji-Won.

She deemed it unfair that Ji-Won, whose mother her father eloped with, was so happy and had it all, while her happiness was robbed.

So she began conspiring in the dark, against Ji-Won, while holding her hand like a true soul-sister.

Her twisted mind saw this as a form of injustice against her.

She saw Ji-Won as someone who always acted clueless about how harsh the world is because she had all the happiness in the world.

However, Ji-Won did know about her mother running away with Su-Min’s father.

She never mentioned it to Su-Min thinking she didn’t know it and it’s better if she never does because it’ll hurt her.

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