Isaac: Wellmania character explained

In Wellmania, Isaac and Liv like each other, but their current circumstances prevent them from being together. Alexander Hodge plays the role of Isaac.

Liv tries various methods to improve her health, as she needs to get healthy within a month to get her green card back. These methods do not work, and she is left with no choice but to ask her brother, Gaz, a health professional, for help.

She goes to Gaz’s gym to speak to him. While trying out the equipment for aerial yoga, she gets stuck. A man named Isaac comes to her rescue, and somehow she ends up kicking him in the face. This is how Liv meets Isaac for the first time.

Isaac’s past

After the kicking incident, Liv and Isaac become acquainted. She joins Gaz’s gym, where the two sometimes run into each other or work out together. 

Gaz tells Liv that Isaac used to be a football player, and later Isaac himself tells her that he used to be married once. Isaac even has a son, but he does not talk about him much, as he has not been a good father to his son.

Isaac used to abuse prescription drugs, but he has been sober for seven months now. He is in NA, also known as Narcotics Anonymous. It is a nonprofit fellowship whose members meet regularly to help each other stay sober.

Isaac is trying to get better, and he currently cannot use drugs or alcohol. Apart from that, he is also celibate for the time being. Liv tells him that she would never be able to give up all these things like him, but he believes that a person cannot have it all in life.

Isaac and Liv’s relationship

Liv takes Isaac to have dinner with her when she is looking for Gabriel Wolf’s vegan duck. They have a pleasant evening together. Isaac even shares his past with her, and the two decide to go for ice cream post-dinner.

Wellmania Isaac
Liv takes Isaac out for duck dinner

However, Liv catches sight of Gabriel Wolf and cancels her plan of having ice cream with Isaac. She lies to Isaac about going home and follows Wolf to try to talk to him about his vegan dish.

The next day, she shows up at the gym hungover and ends up puking all over other people, including Isaac, because of the drugs and alcohol she consumed. Isaac knows that she lied to him, and after that, things are not the same between them.

Liv later decides to be honest with Isaac and admits to him that having fun with him sober scared her a lot. She also confesses that she likes him. Isaac tells her that he is also scared because he is trying to be clean and does not want to give in to the temptation.

The two decide to be gym buddies and nothing more. A few days later, Liv is on drugs and is not doing so well, and that is when Evie, Amy’s daughter, calls her, asking for help. Liv then calls Isaac for help and takes him with her to get Evie.

Initially, Liv is not of much help, but Isaac manages to find Evie. Liv then talks to Evie and comforts her. After dropping her home, Liv asks Isaac to go out for ice cream with her again, but he has an NA meeting and cannot join her.

Liv goes to meet Isaac once again when she gets into a fight with her mother after finding out that she hid her green card. Liv chooses to go to Isaac’s house since Amy is not speaking to her. The two just discuss their problems like friends.

Liv then gets her green card back, and at Gaz’s wedding, she tells Isaac that she is leaving for the US the same night. The two get away from the crowd and finally get to have ice cream together.

Wellmania Isaac
Liv finally gets to have ice cream with Isaac

Isaac admits to her that he will miss her. There is a mutual understanding between them that things would have been different if they had met at some other time. For now, they decide to be just friends. This is the last time Liv spends time with Isaac before returning to the US.

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