Is Illya Nevsky dead in Slow Horses season 2?

In the fourth episode of ‘Slow Horses’ season 2, Lamb visits every location Min went to before dying, which leads him to the house of none other than Illya Nevsky, the oligarch.

Before being brutally murdered, Min Harper, along with Louisa, worked for James Webb. They both were about to serve as security for an off-the-books meeting between Webb and Arkady Pashkin, who is the representative of Illya Nevsky.

When Min and Louise met Pashkin’s security, the former suspected that they are hiding something. Min spent a whole day following them around until one of them caught him in the act.

The next day, Lamb received a call informing him that one of his agents is dead. Lamb is one of those who aren’t ready to believe that an agent like Min died just like that, in a car accident.

He dug deep and interrogated the car driver, Rebecca, who disclosed that it was a cold-blooded murder. Lamb’s next move saw him visiting every location Min has been to.

He tasked Roddy to pull out these locations from Min’s smartwatch. One of these locations brought him to Illya Nevsky’s house.

Inside Illya Nevsky’s house

Jackson Lamb brought Shirley with him to stake out near Illya Nevsky’s residence. There are six cameras pointed at the road. Still, none of the Russians have noticed Lamb’s car and have come to confront him and Shirley.

Lamb and Shirley notice that the door is open. They enter the luxurious house and come across the dead bodies of Nevsky’s security guards.

Is Illya Nevsky dead in Slow Horses season 2? 1
Geiger counter found at Nevsky’s residence

After quickly grabbing the guns of the guards, the duo went further inside, near the poolside, where there is a Geiger counter placed.

Shirley discovers the body of Illya Nevsky, and before she could go any nearer, Lamb arrives and stops her. Lamb assesses that Nevsky’s body is radioactive, and the killer purposefully left the Geiger counter behind to let Nevsky know what he is dying from.

Nevsky has also been shot, but the killer isn’t responsible for that. Nevsky committed suicide to avoid the agony he would’ve faced while dying from radiation.

Is Arkady Pashkin behind Nevsky’s death?

Lamb and Shirley escape the house as soon as they can. For now, Lamb assumes that it’s Arkady Pashkin who might have ordered his men to kill Nevsky.

Pashkin represented Nevsky. Min was following Pashkin’s security guards and must’ve figured out what they were plotting. That’s the reason they took care of Min as well.

Furthermore, Rebecca claimed that there was a fourth man watching Piotr, Kyril, and Andrei murder Min. It has to be Pashkin, as he is the one who leads them. Even Louisa is suspicious of Pashkin and believes that he is a fraud.

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