Is Allen the Alien dead in Invincible season 2?

Allen the Alien is the one who reveals the truth about Viltrumites to Mark Grayson and becomes one of his allies in the Universe. Seth Rogen voices the character.

After his second meeting with Invincible following the hero’s fight with Omni-Man, Allen returns to Talescria and the Coalition of Planets. He lets them know about the hybrid offspring of a Viltrumite who can serve as an ally.

The leader of the Coalition, Thaedus, tells Allen that he has brought back good information that could assist the Coalition’s fightback against the Viltrumite empire.

Thaedus then has a private conversation with Allen where he claims that there is a traitor in the Coalition who is leaking information to the Viltrumites and asks Allen to investigate and find out who it might be.

A valiant effort

Allen is out for a meal with Telia where he almost reveals the existence of a traitor. However, they are interrupted when 3 Viltrumites attack Allen, demanding information about Mark Grayson, the mixed-race offspring of Nolan.

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Allen doesn’t divulge any information and does his best to fight off the three attackers but he is no match for their strength. He is brutally beaten and manages to hold on to the last threads of life.

His body is placed in a stasis chamber and Telia tells Thaedus that he remains stable for now. Thaedus sends Telia away and then turns off the life support of the stasis chamber before apologizing to Allen.

Is Allen the Alien dead in Invincible season 2? 1
Thaedus could possibly be the traitor he told Allen the Alien to root out

While this could be a very clear indication of Allen’s demise, the resilience of Unopans has been highlighted before and there is a possibility of Allen somehow surviving and returning.

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