Inupi’s past in Tokyo Revengers season 2 explained

In the second season of Tokyo Revengers, Inupi seems to be fiercely loyal to Taiju. A glimpse into his past reveals the reason behind his loyalty. Seishu Inui, also known as Inupi, is voiced by Junya Enoki and Cory Yee.

Inupi is the tenth-generation Black Dragon Commandos Captain, serving under the leadership of Taiju. When he was introduced in the second season, he seemed ready to kill Hakkai for speaking ill of Taiju.

He seems unbothered by the fact that Hakkai and Yuzuha are Taiju’s siblings. He had sworn loyalty to Taiju, not to his siblings, and if need be, he will kill Tajiu’s siblings.

Inupi speaks only when it is absolutely necessary, and in the recent episode, he thinks about his past when he tries to stop Mikey from fighting Taiju, revealing the reason behind his loyalty in the process.

Inupi and Koko’s friendship

While Inupi is devoted to Taiju and the Black Dragon gang, Koko, Black Dragon’s Elite Guard Captain, seems more devoted to Inupi. Koko does not seem to be as loyal to Taiju as Inupi because he sells information about Taiju for money.

He occupies an important position in the gang, and the reason behind it could be that he always chooses to follow Inupi without a single question.

On Christmas, Koko followed Inupi, who chose to stand by Taiju’s side in his fight against Toman. Koko has been with Inupi for years now, as seen when Inupi’s past is revealed.

Inupi returned from the reform school when he was a third-year middle school student. Inupi walks out wearing his Black Dragon uniform with heels. Koko comes to pick him up and admits that he has been waiting for Inupi.

Koko tells him that Toman wiped out Black Dragon and how things are different now. Inupi is still determined to revive the gang, as he was told by their seniors that he will be leading the next generation one day.

Koko wants him to forget about the Black Dragon gang, but since Inupi is bent on reviving it, Koko decides to support him. He tells him about Taiju and his strength, as he believes that with Taiju’s strength, they can do it. Koko then takes Inupi to meet him.

Inupi and Taiju’s fight

When Koko tells him that Taiju’s strength could help them, Inupi gets angry, but like always, he gives no sign of it. He wants to defeat Taiju to prove that he is stronger than him and has the strength to revive the gang.

He goes to meet Taiju, not with the intention of recruiting him but to fight and defeat him. Inupi was confident he could do it because he had never lost a fight before. However, Taiju easily defeats Inupi, and this is how he gets introduced to Taiju.

Tokyo Revengers Inupi
Inupi accepts Taiju as his leader when he defeats him

Since Taiju is much stronger than Inupi, he accepts the fact that Taiju is the boss. Taiju agrees to build a new Black Dragon, but he wants Koko to serve him with Inupi.

Due to Taiju’s efforts, Inupi’s dream comes true, and Black Dragon is reborn. Inupi has been serving Taiju faithfully since then. Inupi and Koko take command of the gang when Taiju is not available.

When Toman defeats Black Dragon again and Taiju loses the will to fight, Inupi bids him goodbye and acknowledges that it was a good dream while it lasted.

Inupi asks Koko what he will be doing now, and his reply is still the same — he will stay with Inupi. The two friends then walk away from Taiju.

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