India and Khalil’s relationship in Survival of the Thickest explained

In Survival of the Thickest, India is Khalil’s art student, whom Khalil falls in love with and gets serious about. However, they both soon realize that they got more than what they bargained for.

Khalil never gets serious about any girl. He sleeps with them one night and bids them goodbye the next day. However, meeting India changed everything.

Initially, India also joined Khalil, just for one night’s fun. Khalil asked her to stay, but India lets him know that she knows what this is.

India analyzes Khalil’s apartment; he has one dining room chair, two champagne glasses, one coffee mug, and no couch, which suggests he is not someone who wants more than one day of fun.

India assures him that she is not judging him, but her words do leave an impact on Khalil. For once, he intends to get serious and buys a couch for himself. However, India lets him know that she is not looking for anything serious.

The several steps of the relationship

India and Khalil click, but outside of his class, they only sleep together. He certainly wants to do other things with her.

To give her signs that he expects a real relationship out of this, on the last day of their art class, Khalil arranges a date with her and ends it without kissing or sleeping with her. It’s Mavis who tells him that all of these signs are of him breaking things off with India.

Khali then visits India and confesses that whatever signs he gave her, he wants the opposite of them. While they are discussing it, India’s son, Cooper, comes out.

Khalil learns that India is a single mother. She likes Khalil, but their lives are different. Being a single mother is complicated. Khalil comforts her and assures her that they can just start with the fact that she does like him.

India and Khalil's relationship in Survival of the Thickest explained 1
Khalil takes India on a special date

India and Khalil enjoy each other’s company a lot, but their relationship goes through highs and lows. While Khalil doesn’t fear facing consequences, India seems to sort things out peacefully with no problems. She already has a complicated life, and she doesn’t want to complicate it more.

India is slow when it comes to welcoming him into her world. She has observed Khalil well, and he always avoids stuff with a joke when it gets serious.

However, Khalil shows deep interest in India and intends to take things to the next level. He wants to get along with Cooper too. Khalil soon gets a chance to spend time with Cooper, and they have a good time together.

Do India and Khalil end up together?

India and her husband, Henry, have this arrangement where if anyone from their lives gets close to Cooper, they should meet him. Khalil, without hesitation, agrees, and the meeting doesn’t really go that well for him.

When Henry doesn’t allow Khalil to be at Cooper’s birthday party, it hurts him. Khalil fails to understand the tough position India is in and the compromises she is making. Hence, at the prom event of CC Bloom’s, he decides to stay back and let India go.

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