If Only (2022) ending explained: Does Emma end up with Ruben or Nando?

If Only (2022) is a Spanish series about Emma who feels miserable after 10 years of marriage. She gets a chance to change all that when she’s sent back in time to relive those 10 years. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Emma is married to Nando and they have twins, a boy and a girl named Mario and Mia. Emma isn’t happy with how her life has turned out and on the night of their 10th anniversary, she asks him for a divorce.

10 years earlier, Emma met Nando at a restaurant after they decided to take a break from their relationship and Nando proposed to her. She said yes and all their friends were there to celebrate with them.

Back in the present, Emma is supposed to attend a party at the same restaurant on the night of the lunar eclipse or “blood moon”. She remembers her children saying something about making a wish on the night and it will come true.

As she approaches the restaurant, she glances up at the moon and sees the eclipse happening. When she enters the restaurant and sets eyes on a mirror, she realizes she was transported 10 years back to the day Nando proposed.

She assumes that she was given a chance to change her fortunes and she says no to Nando before he can propose. She continues rambling about being sent back from the future and her friends and family look at her like she’s crazy.

The next day she’s headed on a trip to Paris with her friends Deme, Andres, Nando and Isa. Isa didn’t make it on the original trip because her mother had an accident but Emma says something to help her avoid it.

After the initial happiness, Emma begins to miss her children and recounts that she got pregnant with them on this trip, but this time she and Nando are not together. Instead, she spends her time with Deme and Andres and finds out that they are a couple.

When they return, Emma gets another chance at completing her degree which she initially couldn’t because of the twins. However, in her absence, Nando and Isa get closer and she learns that Nando cheated on her with Isa before as well.

She spends some time in a sanitorium where there is another patient who claims to have been sent back in time. His name is Ruben and Emma almost ran over him while he was jogging near the restaurant.

He tries to get in touch with her but she rejects his call because she has no way of believing him. Nando proposes to Isa on graduation day and as a reflex, Emma says that she and Deme are engaged since no one else knows that Deme is gay.

They meet at the restaurant where Emma meets someone else who claims to have been sent back. Alfredo, the valet of the restaurant whom Emma knows. Ruben is there too and three of them gather.

When other people ask them how they know each other, they say that they’re business partners and their company deals with innovation. Ruben, Alfredo and Emma spend the next year establishing their consultancy and using their distinct knowledge of the future to become successful.

Her life improves professionally but Emma still holds on to the hope that she’ll get to see her children again. She also has some feelings for the mysterious Ruben, her business partner who she barely knows.

Emma tries to improve her father’s life as well because in her past life he died suddenly on the last day of 2016 so she makes extra efforts to make sure he’s staying healthy.

Alfredo had a gambling problem and lost an eye to some violent bookies but he regains it after being sent back and this time he stays away from those bookies, but he makes most of his money from betting because he knows the big results.

Isa becomes pregnant and when Emma finds out that it is twins, she is overjoyed. She believes that these children will be just like her own and she will care for them just the same.

On a business trip, the others get to see a different side of Ruben as Alfredo is kidnapped by the bookies. Ruben takes out a gun and shows in-depth knowledge and calm while dealing with the situation.

Ruben surprises Emma on her 30th birthday while she’s away by herself at a spa but just as they’re about to spend the night, Emma says she can’t because it would mean moving further away from her children. Ruben disappears after that for months.

While they’re on a beach getaway, Emma tells Nando all about her other life married to him and how they split up. She also finds out that Ruben is a secret agent in the wind and the authorities are looking for a memory chip she later finds in his office.

If Only (2022) ending explained in detail:

How does Emma spend the final day of 2016?

Emma wants to stay close to her parents because it is on this day that her father passed away in the alternate timeline. She’s been doing her best to keep him fit and healthy and she’s also been controlling her parents’ sex lives.

She takes them to a spa for rest during the day. As they’re getting ready to leave, Emma sees several missed calls from Nando on her phone and they all have to rush to the hospital.

What happens at the hospital?

Isa’s water breaks and Nando takes her to the hospital to have the babies. Emma and her parents get there as soon as they can and when she sees Nando he tells her that Isa was taken to the OR because of some complications.

Right then, Emma’s dad collapses for some reason and she rushes to his side. With so much happening all around her, Emma begins to panic and then realizes that everything around her is vanishing.

She finds herself in a white void and walks toward her mother who’s waiting by her father’s side. They disappear and she sees Nando by a hospital bed but when she gets closer, she sees that the person in the bed is her.

What is the truth?

In reality, the years that Emma spent rebuilding her life all took place in her head. She suffered a brain haemorrhage from a blood clot formed due to stress and triggered by an emotional shock on the night of the eclipse.

While she was reliving the day that Nando proposed to her, all her friends were around her and worrying about her condition so they took her to the hospital.

The doctor asks them if they’re aware of anything that might have triggered the shock and none of them has an answer. When Isa gets back home later, she finds her home ransacked and hurtful insults scrawled on the windows and glass surfaces.

Emma had gone there to pick out a dress to wear and she found a box filled with pictures and other evidence that Nando was cheating on her with Isa which caused her to go crazy.

What about Ruben?

Everyone that appeared in her mind and everything that happened was connected to Emma in some way or another and when she woke up, she sees all her friends by her side, even Alfredo and his eye patch.

When she asks for Ruben, they tell her that everybody knows him but it is doubtful that he knows them. Ruben is a famous actor who was on television when Emma had her breakdown at Isa’s house.

She also did almost run over him and realizes that they’re connected in more ways than one. On the day Nando proposed, Ruben found out that his fiance died and the day Emma’s twins were born, Ruben was admitted for attempted suicide.

Emma knows what she wants in life this time around and she’s seen taking the same jogging route as Ruben in the hopes that she can connect with him somehow.

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