Hush Hush (2022) ending explained: Who killed Ishi?

Hush Hush follows the lives of four urban upper-class friends and how their perfect lives turn upside down after they get entangled in the crosshairs of a murky crime saga. The series is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ishi Sangamitra, an infamous Haryana lobbyist, is exposed on national television for a corruption controversy.

She lives in La Opulenza, a high-class conclave society, with her three best friends: former journalist Saiba, fashion designer Zaira Sheikh, and homemaker Dolly Dalal.

Ishi’s friends decide to confront her about the controversy at Dalal’s anniversary celebration. However, Zaira sees Ishi having a heated argument and leaving the party with a man.

She follows Ishi to the woods with Dolly and Saiba and discovers that the man is trying to kill her. In order to save Ishi, Dolly ends up killing the man with a gun.

Ishi persuades her friends to keep the incident a secret from everyone. She disposes of the body in a nearby pond with the help of Zaira and instructs them not to contact her.

Post that, she vanishes without explaining anything about the incident.

Following this incident at the party, their lives begin to spin out of control as they find themselves in the middle of yet another crime.

This time, it’s Ishi, and investigators believe she committed suicide. Geeta Tehlan, a feisty police officer, is investigating Ishi’s case. After interrogating her best friends, Geeta has a hunch that they are hiding something.

Saiba invites Zaira and Dolly, to reveal that she took that man’s wallet last night and his name was Vinayak Sethi. They also suspect that Ishi was murdered. Saiba decides to continue her investigation to find Ishi’s killer and restarts her career as a journalist.

She moves Vinayak’s car from the parking lot as the investigation closes in on them. While searching inside the car for clues, she discovers a coded note. Vinayak’s friend, Kashi, threatens her to reveal his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Geeta learns that Ishi has left all of her property to a lady named Meera Yadav.

She pays Meera Yadav a visit, who runs an orphanage named “Moksha” for girls. Meera reveals that they were raised in the same orphanage in Kolkata, but Ishi kept the truth about her past hidden from everyone.

However, Geeta suspects Meera of hiding something from her. Kashi, who was following Saiba and her family, stabs her husband in an open restaurant.

Saiba finally resolves to get help from Geeta. They tell her about Vinayak’s wallet and a note containing secret codes for something valuable in his car.

Geeta realizes that the codes are the first names of the girls in Meera Yadav’s orphanage, and this is a case of girl trafficking.

Meera finally realizes her mistakes and tries to convince her husband to leave this dirty business. When her husband denies backing down, she kills him and saves the girls.

Geeta reaches the orphanage with a search warrant. She rescues the girls and arrests Meera.

Hush Hush (2022) ending explained in detail:

What happened on the night Ishi died?

After paying a visit to Meera, a broken-hearted Ishi decides to confront Vinayak, who started the dirty business of child trafficking behind her back.

At the party that night, Ishi begs him to stop his child trafficking business, as she is willing to offer him anything he desires.

Vinayak, however, refuses to hand over the orphanage to her. He informs her that he is working for someone else who is very powerful and she cannot afford him.

She threatens him with a gun to give her the name of that person so she can negotiate with him.

He doesn’t reveal anything, but Ishi discovers that he was invited to the party by the same person he is working with.

Later that night, Ishi kills herself, believing that she is responsible for wrecking Meera’s and the orphan girls’ lives.

Who is the main perpetrator of child trafficking?

When Dolly decides to leave her house, her mother-in-law brings up the topic of who invited Vinayak to their party.

In Dolly’s mind, that raises a red flag about her family members. Later that night, Dolly’s father-in-law, Mr. Baldev, meets Advait, who works for him.

He hands over the footage of the clients who slept with the orphan girls. Mr. Baldev, who is the mastermind behind this child trafficking, decides to blackmail all of his wealthy clients for large sums of money using the footage.

Whose body was found in the pond?

Baldev instructed Advait to keep an eye on Geeta. He pursues her and discovers that she frequently meets Radha, her girlfriend.

Advait warns Baldev of the meeting between Dolly’s friends and Geeta. Baldev believes they are weak and have no chance against someone like him and decides to ignore them.

Meanwhile, Advait discloses that he has left a gift for Dolly and her friends, just as he had requested.

Dolly and her friends discover that another girl’s body has been found in society’s pond. The case is taken over by CBI officers, who reveal that the dead body was Radha’s, who worked at a salon near the society.

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