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Human is a medical drama series that sheds a light on the dark underbelly of the medical community and how the big pharmaceuticals and corporations take advantage of the poor and the marginalized.


Dr Saira Sabharwal (Kirti Kulhari) is a cardiac surgeon who has been recently appointed at a prestigious hospital in Bhopal called Manthan by one of its founders, Dr Gauri Nath (Shefali Shah). This decision has not gone down well with the head of the cardiology department, Dr Snehal Shindey (Atul Kumar), which is why he remains very standoffish with her.

Mangu (Vishal Jethwa) is a young man from the slums who lives with his parents and little sister. He works in a morgue and does everything he can to provide for his family despite not getting along with his father because of his work. Mangu also gets into some trouble with some goons who are always chasing after him.

Meanwhile, Ashok Vaidya (Aditya Srivastava), tries broker a deal for his latest drug called S93R which is currently going through human trials. Despite several disastrous side effects, the information is manipulated for the benefit of their company, Vayu Pharma.

When some of the patients involved in the trial begin to die, Dr Vivek Shekhawat (Gaurav Dwivedi), starts to panic and immediately informs his father-in-law who works at Manthan and Dr Nath who are a huge part of these drug trials. Dr Nath takes in this information but prefers to sweep it under the rug.

Mangu gets roped into a get rich quick scheme that involves bringing in unsuspecting volunteers for these drug trials, and he ends up bringing his parents along as well. The money that he collects as his commission he ends up blowing away rather than spending it wisely.

Saira meets a woman whose husband has died due to one of these drug trials and this leads her to ask questions and confront Dr Vivek but she is met with a brick wall and is forced to back off. Dr Nath tries to convince her that pursuing this matter isn’t worth her time and it will be handled.

Dr Nath and her husband, Pratap (Ram Kapoor) try to set up a deal with the Chief Minister to acquire some land for a project of theirs but are met with resistance. They are also working with the health minister who wishes to supplant the current CM and take control.

The fallout from the faulty drug gets out of hand so Dr Vivek meets with Dr Nath and suggests blowing the whistle unless he’s paid compensation which will allow him to leave the country with his family and start a new life. Instead, his fate ends up like all the others that threatened to derail the progress of their drug, as he is taken out with his death being ruled a drink and drive case.

Mangu’s mother gets sick from the drug trial and when an activist who goes by ‘OP’ (Aasif Khan) visits their house, he tells them that it’s most likely because of that. Mangu has been keeping the payment a secret and when his actions are revealed he lashes out in anger.

Dr Saira’s husband, Neil (Indraneil Sengupta) is a photographer who travels the world on assignments but he surprises her by visiting Bhopal and telling her that he’ll be around for a while with a new project documenting the plight of the Bhopal Gas tragedy victims.

Dr Nath and Pratap are faced with some major problems as the CM reneges on his initial deal with them and Dr Shindey plans on leaving the hospital for their competitors. They turn their attention to the health minister as their backup and wait for the right opportunity to deal with Dr Shindey.

One such opportunity arises when a high profile patient suffering from seizures arrives at the hospital. When Dr Saira recognizes the real cause being her heart, they use this development to tarnish Dr Shindey’s reputation when the patient ultimately dies.

Dr Nath reminisces about her past and how the only one who gave her any love was her father and once he passed away, she found comfort in the arms of one of the servants, Roma. In the present, Roma and Dr Nath are experimenting on girls who have gone through so much trauma while also employing them as nurses.

Many of the trials were administered by these girls and Mangu manages to convince one of them to help him by getting a hold of the consent forms that his parents had signed. They are struggling in life as they borrowed a loan from some dangerous individuals and are keen to get away from that misery.

Saira is invited for dinner along with her husband at Dr Nath’s house, where she and Dr Nath end up sharing a passionate kiss. Neil happens to see this and realizes the truth about his wife. He confronts her about it later on, but Saira tries to play the victim when she knows that’s not the truth.

OP manages to get more information on the drug trials with Mangu’s help and starts to build a case and make some noise to draw attention to the issue. Mangu and his father are pushed to the brink by their lenders and they brutally attack one of them. They lead on a chase which ends at OP’s NGO where Neil is shot and immediately perishes.

When Saira tries to find out the truth behind her husband’s death, she realizes the drug trials are involved and she agrees to help OP with their case. She even meets with Dr Shindey to learn more about Dr Nath’s true nature and he tells her that all she needs to do is take a step back and observe from afar.

The girl who helped Mangu get the documents is now being punished by Roma and the other girls for her betrayal. They keep her tied down and abuse her until she learns her lesson and falls back in line. Saira and OP gather enough information to take things to the next level. They ready themselves for the oncoming storm.

If you have any lingering questions regarding the ending of ‘Human’, read on below for a detailed explanation of the final episode.

Human ending explained in detail (Episode 10: Justice for All):

Laid bare the truth for all to see

In a glimpse of the past, Dr Nath is shown talking to her grandfather, who is in a prone state due to a stroke. She belittles his condition and tells him that she will make sure that the rest of his family will suffer the same way they made her suffer before killing him with a lethal injection.

Dr Nath and Pratap have to deal with the fallout of an IT raid that occurred at their place and they are forced to go to the health minister for help. There, he squeezes whatever ounce of dignity he can as his payment.

Saira and OP hold a press conference along with affected victims of the drug trials to blow the whistle on the entire operation, setting up a chain of events that will lead to some very drastic consequences.

Damage control

The health minister as well the owners of Vayu pharma visit the CM to fix up their situation. The CM agrees to carry out the problem solving but not without making sure he benefits from it first.

Dr Shindey comes to visit Saira at her house where her parents are also brought along with a lot of security provided by the CM. He praises Saira for her bravery and decision making and tells her that as soon as she is ready to work again, he will have a spot waiting for her.

Saira tries to use the time she has with her parents to talk about her past and her sexuality so that she can finally come to terms with who she is but her parents choose to ignore her as they prefer to remain in denial.

Pratap tells Dr Nath that she will be asked to step down and take a holiday for a short period until things cool down so that they can avoid any more controversy. Dr Nath is against this idea and lets her ego take control as she is unwilling to back down.

Pride cometh before the fall

Dr Nath makes a swerve decision and tells the staff of Manthan that she will not be stepping down, acting against the wishes of her husband and the board of directors. Elsewhere, the nurse who helped Mangu has had it with the abuse and she decides to put an end to it all by burning down their house with everyone in it.

This particular loss sends Mangu and Dr Nath into a state of distress. Dr Nath then receives a termination letter forcing her to step down and decides to visit her aunt who authorised the decision. She berates her and admits to killing her father before going to visit Saira.

At Saira’s place, she admits that she never loved her and only manipulated her according to her whims. Saira calls her an animal and tells her that she deserves to rot in life, alone and without power. Dr Nath cannot take those words and kills Saira before going back home and taking her own life.

Mangu sneaks into Vayu pharma with explosives and blows the entire building sky high. His father is released from prison and is free to live with his children and their momentary wealth as Saira had given them a gift of 2 lakhs as compensation for all their help. They are allowed to live happily ever after and for once the little people can enjoy a victory.

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