How does Doctor Cha learn about Seo In-Ho’s affair?

Doctor Cha has been living a thankless life of a housewife for about twenty years, and in addition to the utter lack of affection from her husband, she has also been unaware of the fact that he’s been cheating on her with a former lover.

Seo In-Ho has been cheating on his wife of twenty years with a former lover who he cheated on and impregnated who is now his wife. Jeong-Suk has been going through the mundane and thankless job of a housewife while her family does little to nothing to acknowledge her or her efforts.

Her husband is so anti-affection that he doesn’t even gift her wife anything, much less be intimate with her. They haven’t been intimate in 10 years and even before that, Seo In-Ho has been having an affair with Choi Seung-Hi, who in the present works at the same hospital as him. It’s in the very latest episodes that Doctor Cha finally confirms that her husband’s been cheating on her.

Suspicious encounters at work

When Cha Jeong-Suk begins her tenure as a medical resident at Gusan University Hospital, she meets Choi Seung-Hi, the former lover of her husband with whom he ended things on a bitter and betraying note back during their youth.

This comes as a bit of a shock to Doctor Cha, who becomes anxious about something being afoot between her husband and Seung-Hi, since they were lovers at one point in their life and bizarrely enough, In-Ho never once mentioned that he works with Seunh-Hi to his wife.

Jeong-Suk eventually confronts her husband about it and asks how come he didn’t tell her that Seung-Hi was also working at the same hospital as him all this time. He artfully answers the question while feigning indifference, which makes Jeong-Suk doubt herself for having suspected foul play.

Signs, bracelet & another daughter

Jeong-Suk is not relieved of her suspicions and continues to see signs at work that indicate an undeniable chemistry between In-Ho and Seung-Hi. Meanwhile, she finds a receipt for an expensive bracelet inside one of In-Ho’s pants.

She asks him about it and he masterfully saves himself by lying that he bought it for her and was planning on surprising her on her birthday. However, she goes on to notice a bracelet exactly like the one her husband gifts her in Seung-Hi’s hand, that’s because he bought it for her and when Jeong-Suk found out, he had to buy another one of the same bracelets for his wife.

Doctor Cha Choi Seung-Hi bracelet
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Meanwhile, Choi Eun-Seo, who’s a very close friend of I-Rang, shocks Jeong-Suk a bit while seeding into her mind that her husband might be cheating on her since the high schooler is well aware of her mother’s affair with her biological father.

A bigger shock hits Jeong-Suk when she learns that Eun-Seo is none other than Seung-Hi’s daughter, which only makes her suspicions regarding the affair grow stronger. She comes to still be charitable to her husband and be unsure of her gut, only for the final nail in the hammer that makes it all very certain.

Tracing the digital footprint

It’s when a colleague is browsing through Choi Seung-Hi’s Instagram feed, self-admittedly envying the much more lavish and expensive life that she leads. One of the elements of this lifestyle is her frequent trips with her husband to a plethora of locations, which she always posts about, albeit with In-Ho appearing in none of them.

It suddenly hits Jeong-Suk when she starts looking at the different getaways and trips Seung-Hi has posted about going with her husband. She reads the captions and looks at the locations, which all weirdly coincide with In-Ho’s work-related trips.

She also confirms one such coincidence of the both of them being away at the same time from the colleague who was scrolling through Seung-Hi’s social feed.

Later on, Doctor Cha goes looks at Seung-Hi’s Instagram herself, and eventually scrolls down to the post whereupon zooming in, she can spot a glass pane behind Seung-Hi bearing a reflection of none other than her husband, Seo In-Ho.

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