How did Dodge return in Locke & Key season 3?

Dodge was the antagonist for the first two seasons and she was summarily vanquished but she somehow makes a brief return in season 3.

The Locke family thought they had rid themselves of the troublesome demon but she returns through magic to potentially cause trouble once again.

A wedding day surprise

The Locke Family is hosting Duncan’s wedding at Keyhouse and even Tyler arrives from Montana for the big day. On the day of the wedding, Bode finds a new key that works together with the grandfather clock in their house.

How did Dodge return in Locke & Key season 3? 1
The Timeshift key

When he tries it out the first time, it takes him back in time where he sees his ancestors but only for a few minutes. Duncan refers to it as the Timeshift key and insists that Bode not mess with it, giving the key to Nina.

A stubborn child’s mistake

Bode wants to use the Timeshift key so that he can go back and spend some time with his father, even though Duncan is the only one who knows how the key and clock work together.

He finds and uses the key and it takes him back to the time when Dodge (in the guise of Gabe) and Eden kidnapped Bode and took him back to the forge where they made their own key.

Present Bode confronts Dodge and tells her she’s going to lose and Dodge switches her attention to the new arrival. Present Bode tries to run away and just as he’s about to be transported back to his time, Dodge grabs his leg and is transported back with him.

Bode sees the hourglass on the clock turn over and starts a new cycle before Dodge appears and chases after him.

How did Dodge return in Locke & Key season 3? 2
Bode is outsmarted

Dodge forces Bode through the Ghost and possesses Bode’s body and trapping his ghost outside. He then spends his time trying to find the other keys while in Bode’s body.

Not enough time

He meets up with Gideon and when Gideon offers him a place by his side once they take over the world in exchange for the keys, Dodge accepts.

The other Lockes eventually realize that it isn’t Bode that they’re with when Nina finds Dodge’s original body under Bode’s bed. They successfully ambush Dodge and trap her but before they can give Bode his body back, Gideon lays siege on Keyhouse.

Dodge offers to work by the Lockes’ side because he actually enjoys their world and is not keen on Gideon opening up the doorway between. She stays true to her word and saves Kinsey from one of Gideon’s men.

Kinsey contacts Duncan to find out more about the Timeshift key and how it works and Duncan explains that when the sand in the hourglass runs out, anything that doesn’t belong in their time disappears without a trace.

How did Dodge return in Locke & Key season 3? 3
Moments before time runs out

Gideon gets the upper hand inside Keyhouse and opens up a small portal inside their living room. When he has his back turned, Dodge takes the Alpha key and moves towards Gideon to get rid of him but just before he can, time runs out and Dodge disappears along with Bode’s body.

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