How does Calvin overcome discrimination in Oni: Thunder God’s Tale?

When the people of Kamigami Village abandoned Onari for being an Oni, as in a human, Calvin comforted her and shared how he went through something similar. Oni: Thunder God’s Tale is now streaming on Netflix.

Onari came back from the human world with beans called ‘Setsubun mame’, that would aid her friends in fighting the Oni at Mount Kamigami. The moment she arrived, she saw her Uncle Putaro confronting Naridon regarding who she is.

Naridon disclosed that Onari lost her parents in a car accident ten years ago. He had saved her and brought her to Mount Kamigami, where he raised her to be his daughter and a Kami spirit.

The truth broke Onari down, but it also saw the people of the village fearing her now. They went all out on her, leaving her no choice but to abandon the village.

While she crossed the bridge to the human world, her uncle asked her to never come back.

Calvin comforts Onari and tells her his story

Onari returns to the human world crying. She crosses paths with Calvin, who had helped her get back to Mount Kamigami earlier.

Calvin shared his PB & J to calm her down. Eventually, the Demon Moon appeared, and Kappa came all the way from Kamigami Village for Onari.

She stayed stubborn and opted not to go back, though Kappa tried to encourage her. Calvin acknowledged Onari’s feelings and sat down with her to share his story.

Calvin told Onari that he is a gaijin, which means an outsider in Japanese. Back when Calvin and his mother moved to Japan from the United States of America, he felt a similar kind of feeling.

The people in Japan initially looked at him like he is a monster. He hated that feeling, but he spent time learning more about this country and started loving the culture it has.

How does Calvin overcome discrimination in Oni: Thunder God's Tale? 1
Calvin shares his story with Onari

He found his escape by studying Japanese myths and legends. These myths, legends, and fairytales always featured Oni as villains.

Furthermore, some historians suggest that the whole idea of Oni comes from people who look different from the Japanese locals.

These locals feared the people they didn’t understand. Though he is still a gaijin, Calvin has now accepted this country as his home.

Calvin’s story encourages Onari to accept who she is. She leaves to save the village where she grew up and confronts the shadow of fear wreaking havoc on everyone.

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