Hober Mallow: Foundation season 2 character explained

In Foundation season 2, when the Vault on Terminus reopens after ages, it asks for Hober Mallow, much to everyone’s dismay. Dimitri Leonidas plays Hober Mallow.

Hober Mallow is an infamous name among the people of Terminus. He is a notoriously talented trader. He had trained for the priesthood of the Church of the Galactic Spirit. Apparently, he caused trouble and was too much for Revered Fathers.

Hober Mallow then started following the missionaries of Poly. He sold them religious paraphernalia and fake relics. He sold 38 of Hari Seldon’s bone fingers. Foundation then revoked his trade license. However, he is still into stealing and selling.

A glimpse of Hober Mallow’s talent

While Poly and Constant set out in search of Hober Mallow, he is on a planet called Korell. Posing as Trader Ponyets, he tries to sell a bracelet to Commdor Argo, the ruler of this planet. It is a bracelet that can help two people switch places.

One of Commdor Argo’s loyal guards recognizes Hober Mallow. Commdor Argo acknowledges her concern, but he is aware that Hober Mallow is trying to sell him a useless device. Argo plans to expose Hober Mallow as a cheat.

Hober Mallow shows the worth of his device, impressing Commdor Argo, but he calls off the deal between them immediately because he used the device to switch places with Argo and steal the Eye of Korell, a precious artifact of the planet.

Hober Mallow fails to escape the planet in time. Hence, he is caught, arrested, and put up for execution. Poly and Constant arrive moments before his execution and talk to Hober Mallow.

Hober Mallow: Foundation season 2 character explained 1
Hober Mallow is tied up for execution

Poly fails to convince Commdor Argo to give him a chance to speak to Hober Mallow in private. Meanwhile, Hober Mallow shows no signs of fear as he is prepared for his death.

Right when the process of execution begins, Hober Mallow quickly switches places with Commdor Argo. He managed to trick him again. The device to switch places wasn’t on the bracelet he was selling to Commdor Argo. It was a node.

Hober Mallow then escapes and boards Poly and Constant’s ship. Poly and Constant catch up in time. Constant drugs Hober Mallow to make sure he doesn’t cause more trouble as they leave Korell.

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