Tsutomu Himekawa: Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf character explained

Tsutomu Himekawa, voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi, turns out to be Juzo Fujimaki’s strongest opponent in Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf. 

Tsutomu Himekawa of the Hokushinkan school is a strong fighter who has never lost a fight. 

He once challenged Shozan Matsuo, the man he considers to be the strongest martial arts fighter, and had his arm broken by him. 

Despite his broken arm, Himekawa did not concede, which means that the match never ended and Himekawa did not lose. 

Shozan Matsuo desires to fight someone who will be able to beat him, so he decides to train Himekawa to turn him into that fighter. 

Himekawa becomes Shozan Matsuo’s right-hand man. He trains to become stronger, but his goal remains the same: defeating Shozan Matsuo, his master.

Training under Socihiro Izumi

Shozan Matsuo wants to turn his annual Hokushinkan Tournament into a large-scale event for different schools of martial arts. 

He believes that only three fighters are worthy of being crowned champions of such a tournament, and he sends Himekawa to Nara to invite one of them—Socihiro Izumi. 

When Izumi meets Himekawa, he asks him to be his practice partner for a while to help him prepare for an upcoming fight, and Himekawa agrees.

Himekawa lives and trains with Izumi. During his time there, he grows close to Izumi’s daughter, Saeko, whom Juzo loves.

Himekawa starts learning the Takemiya style from Izumi and realizes that it should not be underestimated. Additionally, Izumi decides to make him his heir. 

Although Himekawa is set to inherit the style from Izumi, he still believes that Juzo, Izumi’s former student, will be the one who eventually inherits it. 

Himekawa accompanies Izumi to watch his fight with Bunshichi Tanba and witnesses his master’s defeat, but it does not affect him much, as he understands that Izumi could not be unbeatable forever.

While Himekawa, ever the cool-headed fighter, declines Tanba’s offer to fight at that moment, he promises to defeat him in a similar fashion someday in the future.

Beating Juzo

Himekawa joins Shozan Matsuo to watch Juzo’s final KODOKU fight. He takes the opportunity to study Juzo’s moves closely. 

He is then taught Juzo’s secret move, Tiger King, by Izumi, which he adapts to his own style.

Juzo sets his eyes on fighting Himekawa when he finds out that Himekawa is not only dating Saeko but will also be inheriting the Takemiya style. 

Garouden The Way of the Lone Wolf Himekawa
Juzo challenges Himekawa

During the Hokushinkan Tournament, Juzo challenges Himekawa to a fight. Unlike all his previous opponents, Juzo has a hard time defeating Himekawa.

Juzo eventually uses Tiger King, his ultimate weapon, and breaks Himekawa’s arm, but he fails to use his technique fully. 

Himekawa, who had studied Juzo’s moves, was prepared for this technique from the very beginning. He uses his own move called the Counter Tiger King to defeat Juzo.

Although Himekawa’s undefeated streak continues, he stays humble, aware that the outcome of his next fight with Juzo might not be the same.

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