Hazel’s past in The Other Black Girl explained

In The Other Black Girl, Nella is alerted that Hazel is not who she claims to be. The ninth episode of the series explores Hazel’s past in depth.

Hazel’s real name is Chantal Wilson. In 2019, she had been trying to get a job at a firm called Cooper’s Review. Getting a job here becomes difficult for her since she doesn’t have a college degree.

Hazel had no time to pursue college, considering that her mother is disabled. Hazel’s mother got hit by a truck when Hazel was a kid. Shortly after, her father died. Hazel began working at the age of 17, and hence, when she is not at work, she is taking care of her mother’s needs.

Though Hazel assures the editor-in-chief at Cooper’s Review that she is a hard worker and has been the employee of the month four times, all she is offered is an unpaid internship. She is disappointed after the interview because the job would have helped her financially.

Diana turns Hazel’s life around

Hazel’s life changes when she meets her idol, Diana Gordon, at an event at Harvard. After watching how the students look down upon Hazel, Diana meets her in person.

Diana welcomes Hazel into her sisterhood. She is invited for dinner at the special collections library with the members of the sisterhood, where Hazel is allowed to speak about what she wants from life.

During this meeting, Diana applies the hair grease to Hazel’s hair and begins manipulating her. Two years pass, and Hazel complains that the hair grease gives her scratches and makes her forget stuff.

Hazel and Diana The Other Black Girl
Diana applies grease to Hazel’s hair

Diana explains that they are still working on it. By this time, Diana had bent Hazel to her will and made her accept the system. Compromising was no longer a big deal to Hazel, as she achieved success by doing so. What mattered is that her pain was gone.

Thanks to Diana, Hazel finally gets a job at Cooper’s Review, where she is assigned her first task: recruiting another Black woman for the sisterhood.

Hazel fails at her first job, and when she sees how Diana operates, she regrets working for Diana. Hazel eventually comes around and realizes that she doesn’t want to be what she is.

Hazel then starts working for Diana again. For every target, she is given a new identity and a new job at whichever firm their target is working at. With more dedication and passion for her job, she succeeds in hiring a number of Black women for Diana’s sisterhood.

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