Harry Greene: Heartstopper character explained

In Heartstopper, Harry Greene is a homophobic bully who keeps targeting Charlie at school and makes his life miserable. Harry is played by Cormac Hyde-Corrin.

When someone overhears Tao talking about Charlie coming out, the whole school finds out that Charlie is gay. Charlie feels pressured and is bullied at school after getting outed like that.

One of Charlie’s bullies is a rich boy named Harry. He is on the rugby team and a friend of Nick’s, but Nick feels like he has to be someone he is not when he is around him. Harry is not the smartest person around and expects all boys to like girls.

A jeering bully

Harry keeps taking jabs at Charlie whenever he sees Nick with him. He believes that his jeers are harmless, but they are anything but harmless. Nick even calls him out for being homophobic and admits that he does not like him at his birthday party.

However, instead of taking responsibility, Harry makes excuses for his actions. He does not stop tormenting Charlie for being gay, so Tao starts standing up to Harry and insulting him back, which bothers him.

When Nick invites Charlie to watch a film with his friends, Harry leaves no opportunity to make Charlie uncomfortable. His homophobic and unfriendly behavior results in Charlie getting upset and leaving. 

Nick then confronts Harry about his behavior, and Harry uses a homophobic slur for Charlie, which leads to a fight between him and Nick. After the fight, some of Nick’s friends stop being friends with Harry, but Harry does not stop bothering Charlie at school.

A sign of improvement

In the second season of Heartstopper, Harry’s behavior improves a little. When Ben swears at Imogen when she breaks up with him, Harry stands up for her.

The next day, Harry and his friends spread rumors about Charlie and bother him when they see his hickey. However, Isaac rebukes him for joking about other people’s lives without caring about their feelings. So when Harry’s friends taunt Nick and Charlie, Harry stops them, much to Nick and Charlie’s surprise.

Finally, Harry shows up at Tara’s birthday, but Tara does not want him there. He apologizes to Nick and Charlie for his homophobic behavior. He claims that he knows better now and will not make the same mistakes again.

Heartstopper Harry
Harry apologizes to Charlie and Nick

However, his apology does not appear to be very sincere. Charlie does not want to forgive him when he has been taking every opportunity to humiliate and bully him, so Charlie refuses to let him join the party.

At the school prom, Harry makes a comment about Nick bringing his boyfriend, but he does not approach Nick and Charlie or bother them. Whether Harry has truly changed or not will only be seen in the third season.

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